The Permissive Parenting Style

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A parenting style is a psychological structure that throws light on the everyday techniques that parents use with their children. A parenting style is an amalgamation of the needs, demands, expectations and responds of the parents with respect to their children. Diana Baumrind has categorised parenting styles into four categories: Authoritarian, authoritative, disengaged and permissive. This essay will look at the characteristics and defining features of permissive parenting, and its effects on the child. Also, it will mention which parenting style would best suit the child who has permissive parents.
One of the types of parenting styles that this essay will focus on is the permissive parenting style. This type of parenting has low demands and high responsiveness from the parents. The parents who use the permissive style of parenting are very affectionate and caring towards their children, and they don’t enforce a lot of consistent rules or guidelines. They behave like friends, rather than parents with their children, and when their children behave immaturely and rudely, it is
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The permissive parenting style is quite detrimental to the child’s emotional, psychological and behavioural development. In contrast to the permissive parenting style is the authoritative parenting style, which has a high demandingness and a high responsiveness from the parents. These parents act as role models and actually practice what they preach, thereby showing their children the behaviours they expect from them. They allow their children to act independently, which fosters strong self – esteem and self – confidence in them, which will result in them becoming emotionally and morally sound members of

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