Baumrind's Four Sets Of Parenting Styles

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Baumrind described four sets of parenting styles these include, Authoritarian parenting, Authoritative parenting , Neglectful parenting and Indulgent parenting
Authoritarian parenting: this type of parenting is described as restrictive and disciplinary. The parent is firm and in control of the child’s action meaning the child has no say on what is to be done. This type of parent usually spanks their child and enforces rules without explaining the reason for them. The children of these parents are usually unhappy and have little communication skills.
Authorative parenting: this type of parenting sets rules and limits the control on their child’s action but still allows them some kind of independence. Parents are caring and warm towards the child. This type of parenting allows the child to have a say on their actions. Parents allow their child to explain themselves and show support to children’s constructive behavior .These kids are happy, self controlled, manage well with stress, and maintain relationships.
Neglectful parenting: this type of parent is not involved in their child’s life. Children believe
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This type of parenting allows their child to be independent but still sets rules and control. Parents allow the children to have an opinion which is very important when it comes to building a child’s character. The child needs to be able to feel that what they have to say matters too. Children’s whose parents are authoritative are happier and are able to maintain relationships with both peers and adults. Authoritative parents explain to kids why they do the things they do. This helps the child understand and reason. Children need to feel safe and loved and this type of parenting definitely does that. Overall authoritative parenting is the best for long-term success because it gives the child a sense of independence while also learning how to handle situations and establish

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