Qualitative Vs Authoritative Parenting

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There are many different views and opinion’s on how to discipline a child. Religious views, culture, and education can all effect the way some parents decide to discipline their child. When it comes to discipline we all have one thing we are striving for as parents and that is to make sure we correct our child’s behavior and that they do not repeat that behavior again. Being a parent is by far the most difficult task that is given to us. As many parents know when that precious little child is born no one gives us a manual on how to be a parent or how to raise the perfect child, many of us take it day by day and hope for the best. So, what is the correct way to discipline? Is there a correct way? In this paper, I will show the different parenting …show more content…
Authoritative parents are easy to recognize, as they are marked by the high expectations that they have of their children, but modify these expectations with understanding and support for their children also. This type of parenting creates the healthiest surrounding conditions for a growing child, and helps to develop a productive relationship between parent and child. Here are some questions to ask yourself to see if you fit under the category of an authoritative parent: Does your child 's day have structure to it, for example a planned bedtime and household rules? Are there repercussions for disrupting this structure or breaking the household rules? Does your child understand the expectations that you have for their behavior, and are these expectations reasonable? Does your child feel that they can speak to you about anything without fear or judgment? The conditions described in the questions mark a healthy household with an authoritative parent. One of the most important qualities to copy in the authoritative parenting style is the open communication style with the child. If a parent can encourage the ability to speak to their child without judgment or criticism, they will be more likely to have a better understanding and relationship with their …show more content…
Parents don’t set many rules and rarely punish children. Allowing your child too much freedom or letting them do what they want to do is another possibly harmful style of parenting. These parents are quick to react but are not demanding. These parents tend to be kind and try to avoid arguments. The positive of this type of parenting style is that they are very nurturing and loving. The negatives are few rules are set for the child of permissive parents, and the rules are inconsistent when they are set. This lack of structure causes these children to grow up with little self-control and feeling of entitlement. Many times, this parenting style comes from opposite approach to their tough upbringing, while others are simply afraid to do upset their child. Here is how to recognize if you are a permissive parent: Do you not have limits or rules for your child? Do you avoid conflict with your child? Do you have a desire to be your child 's best friend rather than their parent? Do you often give incentives to your child to do things? The qualities described mark an unhealthy permissive parenting style. It may seem like this would be a child 's favorite parenting style as it provides a sense of freedom without results, however, children badly want a sense of structure to make them feel safe and it is important in a child 's development for there to be clear

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