Strict Parenting

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Growing Up as a Rebel Every child goes through a point in their life where they want to rebel against their parents, usually in their teen years. The kid will go to parties, smoke, and try to fit in with others since they feel their parents aren’t as accepting. Any child will go through this whether rich or poor. In most cases, children rebel because they have strict parents, they never get much attention, they get less freedom with their parents being controlling, and they want to find out who they really are.
According to a clinical psychologist named Dr. Laura Markham, strict parenting can create behavior problems. If children have no say in what they do and the parents make all the decisions, children will never learn self-discipline.
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Kids grow up to be the way their parents teach them to be and to believe in the same beliefs as them. When they become teenagers, they start to realize there are more different people out in the world with different beliefs. No child wants to be like their own parents, they want to find their own identity and become their own person. In order for teens to explore and figure out who they are, they go and rebel against their parents and their childhood. Therefore, parents assume their teen is being disrespectful. Let 's say teen number 1 goes ahead and goes to college to become a doctor because that is what their parents dreamed of most. Teen number 2 perseus in music and becomes famous and happy. Teen number 1 doesn’t get to live a more joyful life, reason being they never got to achieve in what they wanted to. Every parent goes through their teen years and become who they are, just like how the teen wants to explore and become their own person.
In the end, there are many causes of children rebelling. Most children have strict parents who will not be allowed to do anything but do it anyways which also may lead to the parents being controlling which gives the child less freedom.. Some other consequences of rebelling is they never get much attention which the child craves through their teen years. Overall, children just want to rebel because they want to find out who they are and how life really works; any teen wants to be an

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