Personal Essay: The Diary Of A Young Child

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"Parents can only give good advice or put them on the right paths, but the final forming of a person 's character lies in their own hands." - Anne Frank, The Diary of a Young Girl, (260). From the beginning of a child 's life, their responsibilities as parents or guardians are to show them right and wrong. How the parents or guardians act directly affects how the child acts. Years pass, and many monkey-see-monkey-do 's later, that child, now a young adult is ready to start making choices on their own. All of the lessons their parents or guardians has taught them, now need to come into play. But, even after over fifteen years of hearing lecture after lecture on holding the doors open for the elderly, or not pushing other children down …show more content…
Little five year old Kathryn, crying on her first day of school, clinging to the only sense of comfort I would have that day. Years passed, and the same routine occurred. Go to school, do homework, get in trouble, bawl my eyes out with a single look from my father, never get into trouble (excluding the one time I stole from Target). Eventually little crybaby Kathryn got her crap together and decided crying and being awkward consistently was probably not the best thing.
However, because my childhood was filled with rules and regulations for being a "respectable young lady", I never had the chance to throw rocks at a hermit 's house, cackling as I shattered windows. I was never allowed out after dark, I could not say the word "sucks", and if I back talked so help me I was running from dish soap. Then I cried a little... shocker. Friends came and past, once a year at least, I mean, all I wanted to do was act like a horse and run around the playground in elementary school. No wonder I did not have
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The braces came, the awkwardness doubled, possibly tripled; I seemed to be saying all the wrong things. I had become terrified to talk, worried if I would receive the honor of receiving another eye roll for saying something they did not agree with. Then I shaved off half my eyebrows in the bathtub. Helpful tip, that is is a terrible idea. Do not do that. Trying new things terrified me to the point where I cried an hour away from home begging to my parents to come get me. Turns out I was still a crybaby.. Go me. When I say eventually I grew up, I mean eighth grade year when I said my first swear word and thought I conquered the world. I became fearsome in my mind, thinking violence would make people think I was tougher, and not the thirteen year old that still cried being away from her parents. What I thought was pride and self-worth was total idiocy and the most unconscious I had ever felt before. Thankfully, the phase passed, and I became a normal human being again with eyebrows that were distant cousins rather than

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