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  • Personal Essay: The Importance Of Elementary School

    Elementary schools Is Important Imagine if you are a six year old kid and your parent asked you if you want to go to School and learn or stay home and watch TV instead?. If you chose to remain home, then you just ruined your future career with having no idea of the consequences. Elementary schools are a dream come true for some kids and not for another, either or. Elementary schools are the base that makes us develop our learning skills and build our knowledge. Although, some people may argue about having their kids to go to school and they may figure out a way to be out of it. In Garland’s, article “Let’s Really Reform Our Schools”. Anita Garland pointed out to not force students to go to school unless they have the interest in learning.…

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  • Reflection On The Transition From Elementary School To Middle School

    can be one of the hardest changes of all. Changing communities affects how one views his or her peers, life, and one’s sense of self. When I made the transition from Elementary School to Middle School, my world was turned upside down. I was introduced to things I had been beforehand shielded from. My experience of the shift from Elementary School to Middle School was dramatic; my life changed both for the better and for the worse. Elementary School was a happy time in my life; I am sure most of…

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  • Elementary School Teacher

    The Basics of Becoming and Being an Elementary School Teacher An ancient Proverb once said, “in teaching others, we teach ourselves;” for example when a teacher explains a lesson that children can take with them later on in life. An elementary teacher instructs children on the subjects that they need in order to further their education. It is also important for the teacher to improve their emotional development in the classroom. Most if not all colleges have the degree that a kindergarten…

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  • The Importance Of Recess In Elementary Schools

    An elementary school student arrives at school on time every day and prepares for another lecture or lesson on math, science, english, or history, goes to the lunchroom and the library goes back to class and waits on the bell to ring for the school day to end. Something was missing from the child’s school day, the young student had no way to release his energy or time to go outside and actively play with other students. Elementary schools should have recess implemented into the everyday routine…

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  • Elementary School Job

    I work at the front desk at Wheeler County Elementary School as the receptionist. I sit at the front desk, and I complete any available tasks. I am the first person people see when they walk into the elementary school, and my job is to help them with what they need. I feel like this job is good for me because of my outgoing personality. I thoroughly enjoy this job because of all of the person to person interactions. This job has tasks I am responsible for, has things I like and find difficult,…

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  • Elementary School Improvement Analysis

    Patriot Elementary School: After teaching 14 years in elementary education, and serving on the District Educational Advisory Committee, School Improvement Panel, Local Professional Development Committee, and chair of the School Wide Committee, I am thrilled with my recent appointment as the principal of the Patriot Elementary School. Having taught grades 1-5 during my career, and working collaboratively with administration on data analysis over the years, I have a heightened awareness of the…

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  • Dakota Elementary School Observation

    My experience of visiting the Minot Air Force Base, Dakota Elementary School. The school was K-5 grade and I was allowed to observe multiple grade levels/classrooms. My first visit was to a fifth grade classroom. The classroom consisted of 19 students and the desks were in groups of four. They were doing a math lesson on the smart board on how to add decimals. The math series Dakota Elementary uses is McGraw-Hill with Common Core State Standards written in the corner of the book. When I asked…

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  • Personal Narrative: A Career In Elementary School

    I have always envied people who are enthusiastically determined to have a profession and then diligently pursue the required education. Sometimes it seems that my ambition, goals, timing and opportunity have mirrored fate of Hansel’s breadcrumbs. My experience form elementary to present are rather uneventful if not boring. Elementary school is probably the most enlightening period of my childhood; I can remember so many firsts. Elementary school is where I developed a need to read. My…

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  • Stressors In Elementary School

    Working at an elementary school has its fair share of stressors from meeting each child's different needs to working within deadlines. At Kemptown Elementary School specifically, I face stress every minute of every day. There is always something to keep me busy, even when it seems like there is no time. The main stressors I observe every day are not being able to to the control situations out of my control, little planning time, and an increased responsibility in the classes learning. Not being…

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  • The Positive Impact Of Departmentalization In Elementary Schools

    technique that is being tested is departmentalization in elementary schools. Departmentalizing is a model of teaching in which multiple teachers specialized in different subject will teach their subject of specialization to a class, instead of having one teacher teach different subjects in the class. Departmentalization has had a positive impact in our elementary schools by increasing test scores, transitioning students from elementary to middle school, and improving special education students…

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