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My experience of visiting the Minot Air Force Base, Dakota Elementary School. The school was K-5 grade and I was allowed to observe multiple grade levels/classrooms. My first visit was to a fifth grade classroom. The classroom consisted of 19 students and the desks were in groups of four. They were doing a math lesson on the smart board on how to add decimals. The math series Dakota Elementary uses is McGraw-Hill with Common Core State Standards written in the corner of the book. When I asked what series of math book they use for example Saxon math she stated that they used to use Saxon math but now moved to McGraw-Hill text books. The classroom was extremely organized with shelving for books of each area of study. There was a cubbies display …show more content…
Which consisted of 16 students with desk in groups of four. The students had just got back from music class and were allowed a drink break. After their drink break the teacher had them sit in their desk as the teacher set up the counting chart next to an area rug, then she/he clapped their hands two times which meant table two students were allowed to get up and sit on the area rug. I was very amazed by the clap routine one clap for table one, two claps for table two, three claps for table three and four claps for table four. That routine would also work for rows which most classrooms have to be in at the Turtle Mountain Elementary school. While doing the counting chart lesson on the area rug the teacher announced that on 10’s we clap out and on 5’s we snap which meant when they count by multiples of ten they clap each number and when they count by fives they snap their fingers. Some students didn’t know how to snap the teacher reassured them just to rub their fingers together for practice and soon they will be able to snap. There were carpet Rules and when they were losing focus the teacher started whispering “If you can hear my voice hands up and this was repeated with different hand …show more content…
The classroom was very organized for each area of study taught in the class. There was a book nook area and listening center available. The use of Smart Board and laptops were also available.
During my observation I stepped in and observed a PE class of kindergarteners, they were doing four activities of jumping because they are learning the letter J in their general classroom setting. The PE teacher incorporates lessons from the general education teacher’s lessons. Also stepped in and observed a music class of first graders, they were in standing in a circle singing and dancing a friendship song. I loved the fact that the music teacher sang everything during class!
I enjoyed my observations at the Minot Air Force Base, Dakota Elementary School. I obtained some great ideas to incorporate into my classroom when I become a teacher. Thank you to the teacher education department for the great

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