Rti Intervention: Observation Of The Classroom

This week, I observed a first-grade classroom in which RTI is implemented. The observation was done in another first-grade classroom at the same school. At the period of observing the classroom, there were 18 students present. According to my host teacher, 20 students are enrolled in her class. There were 12 girls and 8 boys in the classroom. 25 % of the children are African-American 70% are of the Hispanics while 5% falls under other racial groups. Six of the students get RTI in different Tiers. During my observation of the class, I observed a Tier 2 RTI intervention taking place in the classroom. I also interviewed my host teacher after the observation.
My observation of the classroom began in the early morning. At the period of going into the class, the children and teachers were having their morning meeting. The teacher let the children know that they have a visitor in the classroom. She had a list of names on the board and she assigned the students to each area where they will be working after the meeting. Some of the students were assigned to a table to work with the other teacher. While others were going to work in a group or as individuals in their assigned space. After the children were assigned, I
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She let me know that seven of her students are receiving an intervention, two of them have an IEP, one of them is receiving Tier three RTI while four of them are receiving Tier 2 RTI for Reading. She said most of her students are ESL students, so at the beginning of the year majority was struggling with reading, but presently, the teachers have seen a lot of improvement in the children because there is a lot of practice, support and progress monitoring. She said the allotted time for the Tier two student is 60 minutes per week, but sometimes she gives them more minutes especially on days she sees that they are grasping the concept of what they are

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