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  • Observation Observations

    My observations began at 9:44 on Tuesday morning, I had to be let in first through one door that was locked at all times. I was then brought to the first room that had two infants and one adult in the room. When I stepped into the room I noticed my host teacher was rocking one of the infants and right after I arrived, she put her down to sleep. In addition, I noticed the other infant was sleeping in a swing and later found out that they do not usually let them sleep in the swing. While the children were sleeping, I was able to gather additional information about them like their names and how old they were. It was at this time, I also learned that my host teacher watched a total of four infants and the last two showed up while I was doing my…

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  • Observation Report Observation

    This is an observation report on an educational lecture program for adults based on classroom teacher performance. The lecture was delivered by a very skillful teacher. The teacher effectively stimulated the class, by respecting the diversity of the learning environment, the diversity of the class, stayed focused on the lecture, contexts and class objectives. The heart and soul of the lecture was the teacher’s rapport with the students, delivery, audio-visual, video, diversity and interaction…

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  • Gender Observation In Observation

    gender biases (between male and females) that occur during the cleanup period of a meal. The observation took place on March 27th, 2016 in my home located in Montville, NJ. After Easter lunch I observed, for thirty minutes, the “cleanup period”—the period where the table is cleaned, food is put away, and dishes, utensils, and glasses are washed. I observed twenty individuals. Eleven participants were male and nine participants were female. The age range of participants was from ten to…

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  • Observation Observations For Preschool

    get a good seat where I can see all their faces and watch two children without any obstacles. Observation 1: The children come in with their winter coats on, one little girl looks right at me, smiles and states “I got a boo-boo” and sticks up her finger to me then goes to put away her coat. She comes back out of the coat area and shows me her pink shirt with a big smile on her face. She then walks to the two tables sits by a boy then gets up moves to the other table and begins tracing her…

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  • Observation Child Observation

    There were creative activities beyond what is generally found in a child’s play room at home, such as globes and tumble mats. The children seemed to have free range to choose what they wanted to play with and who they wanted to interact with. This allows for an open and social environment for the children to create their own range of social norms. It would seem that with the gentle guidance of the teacher, the various learning resources, and the social environment set up, the classroom is…

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  • Observation Of A Child Observation

    observed the child’s behaviors and development. Since she has started walking, she has now become more exploratory. She is constantly going from one place to another. She has also started learning more words and expressions. According to Piaget, the child is in the sensorimotor stage because she is exploring and is increasing her vocabulary. I noticed that she: • tries to open doors • can sit on chairs without falling • will say words like mommy, my name, “papa” for hungry, no, etc •…

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  • Observation Social Development Observation

    Student A has shown major development over my time of observing her. She has gone from drawing shapes that were not definite to writing her full name and other words. I think writing and reading is her main focus because she enjoys it. She voluntarily chooses these centers to work at during the day. She also enjoys the home living center. When she is over there she dresses up and plays the part. For example, when she was the cleaner, she had the broom, but she also had on the gloves while she…

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  • Observation Of A Class Observation

    Observation Summary Today I observed in room 105, I observed this class transition from one space to another, into an activity, as the children’s begin to leave the gym the teacher gave them a warning sign that their time is almost up, once time was up the teacher begin to sing the song “let’s go”, the children’s begin to clean up and put their toys and bikes away, after that the children all lined up on the wall, one little girl side “Ms. K I wont to count” and the teacher said “ok”, once…

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  • Child Observation

    The child that I observed for my second observation was Lissandro. The same child as my last observation. Lissandro is now 44 months old. I observed Lissandro at his home on the 22nd of this month around noon time. How he relates to me is that he is my best friend’s nephew. One thing that changed in the child’s life is that the father is seeing his child more. Before, he would see him on weekends, but now he sees his son all the time. Not a lot of the child’s fine and gross motor…

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  • Classroom Observation

    would get upset and drive them away. The female student, lets call her Megan, was Unable to demonstrate some physical developmental traits someone at her age should have been able to. She couldn’t cut straight or even stay in the lines of her picture. She had a hard time creating the project. She was however very good at memorizing everything she needed to for her project. Socially she was actively talking to other students and would even try to help them memorize the material. She was very…

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