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  • Observation Observations

    My observations began at 9:44 on Tuesday morning, I had to be let in first through one door that was locked at all times. I was then brought to the first room that had two infants and one adult in the room. When I stepped into the room I noticed my host teacher was rocking one of the infants and right after I arrived, she put her down to sleep. In addition, I noticed the other infant was sleeping in a swing and later found out that they do not usually let them sleep in the swing. While the children were sleeping, I was able to gather additional information about them like their names and how old they were. It was at this time, I also learned that my host teacher watched a total of four infants and the last two showed up while I was doing my…

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  • Observation Report Observation

    This is an observation report on an educational lecture program for adults based on classroom teacher performance. The lecture was delivered by a very skillful teacher. The teacher effectively stimulated the class, by respecting the diversity of the learning environment, the diversity of the class, stayed focused on the lecture, contexts and class objectives. The heart and soul of the lecture was the teacher’s rapport with the students, delivery, audio-visual, video, diversity and interaction…

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  • Exercise Observation

    strategic plan that incorporates the exploration of the topic through the view of both genders involved. I intend to collect qualitative data through a multitude of various data collection techniques such as observations, interview questions and participant observations strategies The first thing I would have to do to start to answer my research question, is I will have to establish the general location I will to conduct my research. With my research focusing on gender distinction in the gym,…

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  • Curricular Observation

    1. Identify a hypothesis you want to prove. What is the independent and dependent variable? The hypothesis that may or may not be proven is: Does a higher age lead to more polite and relaxed social behaviour? The independent variable is the individual’s age (demographics). The dependent variable is how the individual’s mannerisms in various social situations. 2. Provide a rich description of each setting. Identify the location of your observations, the duration of your observations, what you…

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  • M464 Observation

    This portfolio is a representation of the observations completed for the class M464 – Methods of Teaching Reading taught by Dr. Hope Smith Davis. These observations have been conducted and recorded by Joshua Lindsey, a teacher candidate at Indiana University South Bend during the spring semester of 2017. These observations give prospective teachers a chance to be immersed in a content-area classroom and to witness day-to-day operations within the secondary classroom as they occur. While these…

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  • Library Observation

    For our observation, we decided to examine the organization and social structures of the University of West Florida Commons area. We made the prediction that the organization in the building would be very relaxed. We based this hypothesis on the idea that the Commons are one of the few places on campus where there is not a specific objective as compared to the classrooms or the library. For our observation, we split the commons into three main areas and assigned two people to each area. This…

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  • Naturalistic Observation

    Researchers put a mixture of crawlers and walkers in a lab playroom: 20 crawlers (ages 11.8-12.2 months) and 116 walkers (ages 11.8-19.3). The infants were allowed to move freely throughout this room. To make sure they were getting accurate observations, they observed 15 walking infants (ages 12.8-13.8 months) inside of their own homes. It was advised that the caregivers of these infants act normally. Researchers recorded the infants’ movements in each of the two environments with handheld…

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  • Educator Observation

    observe him in a recreational setting. I know most of the administrators there, so when I arrived, they had no problem with me helping them out as lunch monitors. Juan sat with a group of boys and the first thing I noticed was they were all Hispanic. They seemed to be having a good time with one another, and the language they spoke at the table was Spanish. After lunch, they went into the gymnasium waiting to be released to their next period. While they waited, one of the boys started playing…

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  • Humanistic Observation

    Observations about people around you are made each and every day and whether the observations are intentional or not, the findings of this data help to show and interpret the general personality of that person. We are unconsciously observing as we are performing actions, having conversations and living our daily lives but yet we are different from ones whose profession is to constantly observed humanistic behaviors and analyze why these behaviors are occurring. While an everyday human might…

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  • Williamsburg Observation

    To try to keep my observations at a very discrete level, I wrote all of my notes using Google Docs on my phone. I tried handwriting notes when I first visited my research site but it produced suspicious looks from people at the bus stop. No one disturbed me or gave me suspicious looks when I typed on my phone; no one thought I had an ulterior motive for riding the bus. Choosing the Red Line for my first hour of observations was intentional; I wanted to get the mixture of service workers and…

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