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  • Powerpoint Situation Analysis

    brief synopsis of the dos and don’ts of Power Point presentation as a multimedia tool. “Death by PowerPoint” The provided handout presents very relevant information to those incorporating multi-media tools within a presentation. As the article states (Duke University Center for Instructional…

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  • Powerpoint Presentation Software

    presentation. The major disadvantage to PowerPoint is that it cannot surpass the 5 minute time limit. In order to have a successful presentation to an investor you would need to thoroughly explain your product and business. This cannot be done in under 5 minutes. The only way to solve this…

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  • Hepatitis C: A Case Study

    As I have been working on the webcast presentation, some lessons that I have learned are: changing the PowerPoint presentation into a video, adding animation and transitions to the slides. I believe this informatics class would have been beneficial to other class assignments and presentations that I have completed in the first nine classes of the Masters of Nursing program. The information I have learned will be helpful in my completion of the program and will help me in presenting information…

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  • Business Unit 9 P5

    The task in which I was given was to create a presentation, using Microsoft PowerPoint 2013, to advertise The Redhill Academy. The information given to us was that the presentation was for an adult audience, and that we could not use any of the pre-set templates in the software. To begin with, I decided to create a design for my presentation. I did this as I wanted my presentation to look consistent and professional. I used the Slide Master feature in PowerPoint to create the design as it meant…

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  • Presentation Reflection Essay

    project even though we couldn’t meet in person because of our schedules and responsibilities we each had so we had to make sure we communicated on what we wanted done as well as what we planned to say and do. I took initiative when it came to communicating with my partner but once the communication started we kept it going until we made sure everything was fulfilled to the expectations that were outlined in sample speech introduction. There were no complications with organizing our presentation…

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  • Pros And Cons Of An Outside Speaker Critique

    introduction to supply chain management professor brought in Andrew Goltra who is currently the Director of Merchandising at ULine. Andrew’s presentation took about an hour or so. Andrew Goltra was a very good speaker, but there was definitely some room for improvement based off what I have learned about with presentation best practices. I could have a long list of both good and bad aspects during his presentation, but for the sake of this assignment I’m going to focus on five aspects from his…

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  • Occupational Stress Reflection Paper

    envision the lovely happily ever after of this story. Assignments got easier and presentations felt so much better. This transformation makes me thankful for every moment that I felt as if my back was against the wall and there was no escape. One of the most demanding presentation assignments I had, obviously coming from one of my hardest courses, involved choosing an article and creating a PowerPoint presentation about it. At first my tenacious spirit had me fooled into thinking that I…

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  • Power Point Presentation Essay

    Ms. Boyett, I apologize for the length of time it has taken me to respond. When investigating matters such as this I like to be as thorough as possible. If memory serves me correctly, I believe there were two primary concerns that you expressed in our initial conversation. The first was regarding the process of disseminating information to the class. According to my notes of our phone conversation you asserted that Mr. York has neglected to integrate power point presentations into the…

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  • My Reflection On Group Work

    School of Management, group work and the ability to work well with others has been emphasized greatly. This makes sense, because in a professional environment, the ability to communicate, listen and contribute within a group leads to success and the achievement of goals. However, none have gone on as long as this project, making it a more realistic example of working on a team. Junior year of college is definitely a crazy time, as we are forced to balance heavy workloads with extracurriculars…

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  • Reflective Essay On Group Presentation

    Throughout the year, as a class we have been given many different challenges in either the form of an essay, speech, or group presentation. The final assignment given to us was a group project presentation. From growing up in an age filled with technology, I have come to love projects that revolve around making some form of a PowerPoint presentation. This PowerPoint though, was both difficult and interesting for the reasons of being assigned group members not of my own choosing, learning to…

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