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  • Effects Of Using Microsoft Word

    Students have grown accustomed to computer word processor like Microsoft word. Some effects of using Microsoft word can be very useful for a student and some effects may not. It is much less stressful to write a paper on Microsoft word than it would be to write it with pen and paper. Today’s technology has help and is still helping student’s today complete assignments for school with the help of computer technology. The use of Microsoft word makes it easy to correct errors and make simple changes to their essay, which makes it easier for a student to complete any assignment or essay for a writing course online. In Godsey’s study “The effects of using Microsoft word on journal word counts in the high school English classroom” (as cited in Holland,…

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  • Reflection Of My First Theory Of Writing

    theory of writing iteration, I stated that writing was communication with words. For writing to be effective, it had to fulfil a purpose and conveyed a message successfully. Although I still believe this to be true, I also declared that effective writing involved correct usage of grammar, spelling, punctuation, organization, etc. No longer agreeing with this statement, it was the initial concept that challenged the way I view effective writing that changed in a manner of months. Evolution of…

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  • A Career As A Marketing Student Analysis

    this upcoming summer that will teach me real world skills and help me build relationships and connections with business executives. I think that I need more experience with my public speaking skills and I expect to take a class to improve. 1) After watching the video series on Microsoft Word I observed many skills that I previously was not aware of. Microsoft Word is a lot more complex than people make it out to be. There are a ton of features that I didn’t know existed. For example…

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  • Microsoft Word Training Program Analysis

    The training design for this training program is aimed for individuals in administrative assistant positions to learn how to perform a mail merge in Microsoft Word 2013. This program is offered through the adult continuing education department in my organization, where I have been hired as a trainer. This training course is a four-week course, three-hours in length, and meets once a week. Trainees are given two 15-minute breaks during the three-hour session. The training is provided in a lab…

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  • Changing The Mind In The Shallows By Nicholas Carr

    Carr is giving humanity a simple warning toward what direction our world might be heading in. Our society is starting to lose tolerance towards books, which we used to consider as an extremely important source of knowledge. And once our patience for books and genuine thought has run out, there will not be much hope for our most human-like qualities that we value today. The author states, “It’s not only deep thinking that requires a calm, attentive mind. It’s also empathy and compassion,” (220).…

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  • Observation Of Case Letter

    letters, the student will be able to identify at least 85% of the letter names correctly. o When the student is shown 25 sight word flashcards, the student will be able to identify at least 80% of the words correctly. • Group 2 o When given a list of 26 upper-case and 28 lower-case letters, the student will be able to identify at least 90% of the letter names correctly. o When the student is showed 25 sight word flashcards, the student will be able to identify at least 85% of the words…

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  • Ehri's Stages Of Reading Fluency And Comprehension

    As many teachers search for new strategies and interventions to address the lack of fluency within their reading programs, Repeated Reading (RR) appears to be a topic of curiosity. RR is an evident based strategy designed to increase reading fluency and comprehension through the development of automatic word processing and contextualized linguistic effect (Winter, 2007). Similar to the text features on a cell phone, automatic word processing is the ability to detect and comprehend a word…

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  • Niccolò Machiavelli's The Prince

    Name your favorite books, authors, films, and/or artists. (50 word limit) My favorite book is Niccolò Machiavelli 's The Prince. Originally, this was a reading assignment, but I read the book out of personal interest. The author introduced me to rhetorical devices such as logos. Also, the author kick started my interest in society and politics. Words entered: 44 What newspapers, magazines, and/or websites do you enjoy? (50 word limit) A magazine I enjoy is Discover Magazine. This is what keeps…

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  • Broadbent's Bottleneck Theory Of Attention

    on the mean time) in the times to respond with the ink colour on condition 1, where the words had colour connotations. Using the paired samples t-test against this data (t(19) = 4.937; p = .0; d = .1.104) we can conclude the null hypothesis was rejected and that the results were statically significant. Discussion The results of the present experiment showed that there was an increase in the time taken to read the words with colour connotations compared with the colour-neutral words. Response…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Favorite Year In Elementary School

    This was the ending skills that developed my writing. 11th grade was also the year I took my first AP test for writing. When I was in high school, my freshman year to be exact, I learned how to not always repeat words such as “me” and “I”. This made my writing sound more mature when I used less of these words. In sophomore year of high school I started learning how to use spark notes. Spark notes was very helpful when I read a book and I didn’t understand a specific section of the book. My…

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