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  • Microtubules Research Paper

    Microtubules, which are made of protein subunits called tubulin, are the thickest of all three cytoskeletal filaments. Microtubules are mainly serving as the paths along which vesicles are guided in their travels to various destinations, and are responsible for associating with motor proteins attached to the vesicles. Microtubules can also expand or shrink in length in order to establish dynamic structures that can efficiently change the internal organization of the cell, and capture organelles through the cytosol. Intermediate filaments are made up of the protein keratin. Their primary function is to strengthen the internal structure of a cell. Microfilaments are the smallest among the three cytoskeletal filaments. They consist of protein actin. Microfilaments are dynamic structures that can rapidly disassemble or assemble themselves, and thus microfilaments enable the cell to move efficiently. Cilia and flagella that are made of microtubules are critical in cellular locomotion. Cilia move back and forth like the oars of a rowboat while eukaryotic…

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  • Cell Division Essay

    chromosomes could be seen. However, when Aurora B activity was restored, but Kif2b activity was not, proper alignment of chromosome could still not be seen (Bakhoum, et al., 2008). This suggests that Kif2b should be downstream of Aurora-B in helping the chromosomes align properly. Some tension is produced in the spindle arrays when they interact with the kinetochores at the chromosome. In order to correct the missegregation of chromosomes, this tension in the spindle arrays need to be…

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  • The Importance Of Movement Of Cells

    reproduction. Movement of cells are supported by cytoskeleton system of the cells. The cyctoskeleton system are composed of microtubules, microfilaments and intermediate filaments. However, for unicellular organisms such as Paramecium, the movement of cells are regulated through cilia or flagella. Cilia can be found in a large quantity on the plasma membrane of the organisms. They move around by paddling back and forth like a boat. They surrounded the plasma membrane of unicellular organisms.…

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  • Interphase And Mitosis Essay

    Its structure consists of microtubules and strong fibers, which is a part of the cells skeleton. Its function is to organize the chromosomes and maneuver them during the mitosis. The spindle grows between the centrosomes as they move apart. The nucleolus where ribosomes are created diminishes leading to the nucleus preparing to break down. In late prophase the mitotic spindle starts to apprehend and organize the chromosomes which include: the chromosomes condensing becoming compact, the break…

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  • Miosis Case Study Essay

    This begins a type of Microtubule assembly referred to as the Mitotic spindle. The microtubule being to lengthen and propel the centrosomes toward opposite poles of the cell, where the microtubule arrays begin to orientate themselves away from the centrosome matrix and start the next part of prophase. The second part of prophase occurs once the nuclear envelope breaks open and allows the spindles to interact with the chromosomes. Some of the spindle microtubules attach to kinetochores, special…

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  • Essay On Taxotere

    Cancerous cells take advantage of existing cell structures such as microtubules, to divide and multiply. Microtubules aid the cells in dividing and creating a similar cell. Potent anti-microtubule agents work by blocking the microtubules from performing their usual functions. When this happens, the cells are incapable of dividing and creating similar cells, and ultimately die. These anti-microtubule agents can’t differentiate between normal cells and the cancerous cells, and act on normal cells…

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  • Cohesion Fatigue Theory

    identified that a certain protein, Ska3, was important in the maintaining of chromosome cohesion2. This implies that there is a possibility of other proteins that can destabilize chromosome cohesion, thus creating chromosome instability. 2. Cohesion fatigue is a phenomenon named by the authors, in which during induced metaphase delay, spindle pulling forces cause asynchronous chromatid separation3. Cohesion fatigue was determined experimentally by arresting a cell’s metaphase through the use of…

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  • Cell Division In Cell Theory

    spindle, which is made up of proteins and the microtubules, is transformed into the cytoplasm. They contract to a compacted tightly coiled matrix of DNA and proteins in the nucleus, called chromatin, begin to condense down into chromosomes in the nuclear envelope, nucleolus membrane begins to dissolve, and chromosomes, which are made from one strand of DNA, become much more visible to a light microscope. The replicated chromosomes are joined together at a point called a centromere. Then there…

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  • Vindorelbine Research Paper

    Vinca-alkaloids, also known as anti-microtubule agents are cell cycle specific meaning they attack cells during different phases of division1. Vinblastine and vincristine both consist of a Cartharanthine structure linked to a Vindoline ring but contained different groups attached to the nitrogen in the Vindoline ring6. From Vinblastine a carboxyamid derivative, Vindesine was developed and via ring contraction and dehydration vinorelbine was produced from vinblastine6. Vinorelbine differs from…

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  • Essay On Prokaryotic And Eukaryotic Cells

    ribosomes. As it does this, it helps determine the functions and actions of the organelles. It is made up of several parts: microtubules, microfilaments, intermediate filaments. i. Microfilaments are made up of actin; therefore, they are referred to as actin filaments. Actin links together to create a twisted chain (microfilaments). The microfilaments are responsible for the movement and motion of the cell. It assists it in performing actions such as, contracting and crawling. ii. Microtubules…

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