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  • Microwave Popcorn Lab Report

    Does storing microwave popcorn at cooler temperatures affect the number of unpopped kernels? A. Project Design Plan Typically, it is best to store food products at cooler temperatures to prolong its freshness. However, the GardenGuides.com site warns that freezing popcorn dries it out, and the kernels will not pop (Candela). Problem statement: Does the storage temperature of microwave popcorn affect the number of unpopped kernels left in the bag after cooking it in a microwave? Decreasing the temperature of microwave popcorn could result in fewer kernels popped. Therefore, this experiment will inform anyone that eats microwave popcorn at which temperature to store it to achieve the best results. A1. Literature Review Starting in 1945 when…

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  • Radish Seed Experiment

    Abstract This experiment is about the effect of microwave radiation exposure on the percent that radish seeds germinate. The hypothesis in this experiment is if the radish seed is placed in the microwave for 8 minutes, then the percent of germinated seeds would be the lowest out of all the times. This experiment is important because if something happens and radish seeds are exposed to microwave radiation people would be able to know if the radishes would germinate if they knew the time they…

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  • Microwave Oven Case Study

    LG LCRT2010ST Countertop Microwave Oven; a spacious interior with the efficiency that matches perfectly. Introduction Depending on what you expect from your appliances, but the LG LCRT2010ST Countertop Microwave Oven just might be the perfect microwave for your kitchen. It is a quite sizable product with features that are not usually seen in a microwave oven. The tests have revealed that setting this unit on Sensor Cooking has the best results possible. It provides an evenly cooked meal, with no…

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  • Enviro-Wave Swot Analysis

    Introduction: Enviro-Wave, Inc. brings the convenience of preparing food to new levels. Together with the use of state-of-the-art technology and natural resources, Enviro-Wave, Inc. provides. the highest level of development in microwave ovens. We have developed the current design of the microwave oven to run solely without the need of an electrical supply. Our company manufactures and distributes these portable microwave ovens, complete with a 12-volt backup battery pack, to supply individuals…

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  • Cooking Methods Essay

    • Food items like: cakes, breads, cookies, biscuits, puddings, potatoes, etc. are cooked at different temperatures. 4- Microwave cooking: • It is one of the quicker or fast method cooking in a micro oven but care must be taken, aluminum foil and other metal items should not be put in a micro oven which may damage the micro oven generator. • The functions of micro waves are cooking, deforesting or thawing and reheating. • It is often quicker and more continent then equivalent methods such as…

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  • The 1940's: The Greatest Generation

    The 1940’s are most known as the greatest generation, for having discover and developed some of the best inventions of the world, that today most people can't live without it. The 1940’s had it all, things like the color tv and the microwave oven. Peter Goldmark, a staff of RCA Laboratories, started developing modern color tv, after seeing the designs of John Logre Baird in 1928. However, black and white television at that time were sold to the public 10.5 million times compared to the color…

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  • Internet Of Things Strategic Analysis

    The price of traditional oven is about $3,000 to $6,000 lower than the smart one. People may not like to pay extra thousands dollars for the Internet related services as they can access similar services through computer or iPad. The problem is that the utility gained from the entertainment and convenience probably worth less than the extra amount they paid. Smart oven might attract more young people rather than experienced housewives, but it still need to compete with traditional oven to capture…

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  • Hot Pockets: Hickory Ham And Cheddar

    The wide variety of frozen food is present now on the market. The main feature of this food is that it is given precooked and it is necessary to heat it in an oven or in a microwave one to prepare. On the one hand, this feature makes its consumption comfortable and saves time of the eater. At the same time, being frozen for the long time and become eatable after a short heating is not “natural” behavior for the food. Thus, the majority of frozen food is manufactured with methods and technologies…

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  • Blanching Security Test

    restaurant, institutional, and retail industries perform cooking. Cooking is a relatively severe heating process in which equipment is operated above the boiling point of the food to make it palatable and eliminate vegetative pathogens. Many people assume that when food is palatable, it is safe. However, we know from some foodborne illness outbreaks that this assumption is wrong. Raw and undercooked hamburger and eggs are two examples of palatable foods that are not safe to consume. • Retail…

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  • Cooper Cookware Research Paper

    most men do not like anything to do with the kitchen, myself included. I was recently watching football and out of nowhere my wife decided to switch channels and insisted we were going to watch a cooking show, to cut the story short the chef in the show happened to be using cooper cookware was impressed by the cookware so much that am planning to get them for my wife to use in the kitchen.at first I thought the chef was just marketing the cookware, so I decided to get involved with "kitchen…

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