Endoplasmic reticulum

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  • Nucleus Research Paper

    the cytosol, while bound ribosomes are attached to the rough endoplasmic reticulum. Free ribosomes and bound ribosomes are interchangeable. The cell ca change the numbers depending on its metabolic needs. The ribosomes read and translate codes from mRNA. The mRNA is sent as a messenger by the nucleolus to give the ribosomes the template for protein synthesis. The ribosomes take the template and hook together amino acids to create a polypeptide chain, protein. The protein made by free ribosomes is used in the cytosol, while bound ribosomes make protein to be used in the cell membrane or to be exported from the cell. In our cell, the ribosomes are represented by the sweet tart minis. The orange sweet tarts are the free ribosomes and the yellow are bound to the endoplasmic reticulum. Rough Endoplasmic…

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  • Eukaryotic Cell Observation

    of the cell. I finally made my way over to the Centriole it is a bright gold color and it was about 4 feet tall. It had about 6 different tubes and I learned that it is used in cell division. It was so cool, then I realized there were about four centrioles floating right above me moving slowly through the cytoplasm’s gooey texture. I saw some little Silver organelles floating around cleaning up worn out cell parts and food particles. I learned in science that these organelles are called…

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  • High Calcium Pumps And Exchanger

    The process where Ca2+ returns to its basal level is called the recovery process. During this process, Ca2+ pumps and exchangers operate at different times. Several types of pumps and exchangers have various properties and locations within cells. The Na+/Ca2+ exchanger has low affinities, but high capacities for Ca2+ allowing it to act earlier during the recovery process to remove high levels of Ca2+ from within the cell. Alternatively, the plasma membrane Ca2+-ATPase (PMCA) and…

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  • Animal Cell Structure

    are covered with ribosomes which create proteins, the proteins are then carried by the cisternae within the endoplasmic reticulum to their place within the cell. While the ribosomes in this case are attatched to the endoplasmic reticulum, this is not their only position, they can also be found freely within the cell cytoplasm (the area within the cell that contains the cell organelles) The S.E.R is in charge of storing, and secreting non-protein products such as carbohydrates and lipids etc.…

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  • Nucleus Essay

    Nucleoplasm and it surrounds the Nucleolus and Chromosomes. The Nucleoplasm is very important in this cell because different substances like Enzymes can get dissolved in this liquid. Also it maintains the shape and the structure of the Nucleus and it transports materials needed for cell function and Metabolism in the cell. Overall, the shape of the nucleus is mostly an oval, disc shape depending on the forces that act from the Cytoplasm. Endoplasmic Reticulum (ER) All eukaryotic cells have an…

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  • Organelles Of Animal Cells Essay

    Controls the cell’s activities • Controls cell reproduction Contains genetic material - DNA that makes up the genes and chromosome. The Ribosome: ~Made of dozens of different proteins as well as RNA, also found in large numbers in the cytoplasm of living cells. Ribosome are typically composed of two subunits: • Large subunit • Small subunit “ Free” Ribosome makes proteins that remain inside the cell, “Bound’’ Ribosome make proteins that are exported from the cell. ~Protein Synthesis…

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  • Organelles Essay

    membrane called the nuclear envelope. The nuclear envelope has little holes in it called pores; these pores allow some molecules to enter the nucleus and keep other molecules out. The communication between the nucleus and the rest of the cell through the pores has a major effect on what the cell looks like as well as well as its function. DNA and proteins make up chromatin fibers; each very long fiber is one chromosome. Components of ribosomes are made up in the nucleolus. The Endoplasmic…

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  • Ribosomes Essay

    through the chromatin and into the nucleolus. The structure of the nucleolus allows easy access for the proteins, as well as an easy exit for the ribosome subunits. The chromatin that surrounds the nucleolus contains both DNA and proteins. When the cell is dividing the chromatin, which is a mess of DNA strands, start to curl. After they have finished curling you can see clear, organised chromosomes. The cell divides when each of these chromosomes replicates itself through mitosis. On the outside…

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  • Lens Fiber Differentiation Experiment

    Lens Fiber Differentiation and its effects on certain organelles. This writing exercise analyzes two separate but related scientific articles, “The fate of the Golgi Apparatus and the Endoplasmic reticulum During Lens Fiber Cell Differentiation” and “Coincident Loss of Mitochondria and Nuclei During Lens Fiber Cell Differentiation” both which analyze and study Lens Fiber Differentiation. The writing assignment will be based on four sections:(1) Background of the research (2) Methods used…

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  • Plant Cell Experiment

    Rough Endoplasmic Reticulum and Smooth Endoplasmic Reticulum: interconnected membranes that are a part of the cell. Vacuole: food is digested here. 3. Discuss the purpose of doing the experiment. Why are you going to do this lab and why is it important? The students will begin to recognize what the cell is comprised of, and how it functions. The students will be able to distinguish the difference between animal and plant cells. This lab is important because we have contact with cells in our…

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