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  • Ocean Wave Energy Conversion Case Study

    concerning Ocean Wave Energy Conversion: Some of the issues that may be associated with permitting an ocean wave energy conversion facility include: • A significant challenge is the conversion of the slow (∼0.1 Hz), random, and high-force oscillatory motion into adequate motion to drive the generator with output quality as in demand. As waves vary in height and period, their respective power levels vary accordingly. • The challenge of efficiently capturing this irregular motion also has an impact on the design of the device. To operate efficiently, the device and corresponding systems have to be rated for the most common wave power levels. • The device also has to withstand extreme wave conditions that occur very rarely. Not only…

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  • Should America Switch To The Metric System Essay

    France requested the French Academy of Sciences to create a new system of measurements that would form a base standard for all measurements. The academy used Mouton’s ideas for inspirations for new calculations. They later produced a new system that was easier to understand and more scientific. The world eventually adopted the metric system as the "official measurement" and would use it except for three countries. America uses the standard system instead of the metric system. America interacts…

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  • Helios Document Analysis

    Steele, a local industrial designer envisioned from his previous idea of making a solar powered wrist worn phone charger [1]. In today’s society, exercising is highly encouraged and tracking your fitness success is essential for people to reach their fitness goals. Fitness watches in the last few years have made great strides in the marketplace and are becoming an essential for those that want to track their daily fitness life [2]. The current watches that are in the market lack in some areas.…

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  • Positive Aspects Of Nuclear Energy

    the turbines are used to generate electricity. Do the positive effects of using nuclear power out weight the possibility of building nuclear weapons? I think with government regulations and maturity of countries nuclear power can be a safe and effective energy source. Even though Nuclear power could be used to make nuclear weapons, I think that we should be using nuclear energy because Nuclear energy is more stable than wind and solar power, and…

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  • Conversion Therapy

    You May Not Even be Helping the Homosexuals Conversion therapy is a therapy method that pressures homosexuals to extreme levels of stress and depression, which ultimately leads to suicide and/or mental disorder. Despite large, credible organizations and doctors, like the American Psychiatric Association, The National Association of Social Workers, the Human Rights Campaign, and many more condemn the use of conversion therapy. Those who exercise conversion therapy have no data to support their…

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  • Community Garden Essay

    The purpose of this paper is to argue for the implementation of an organized community garden program at UC Santa Barbara by first establishing the potential effectiveness of horticulture at advancing access to fresh food and promoting personal wellbeing among the student population. In doing so, this paper will examine several key question regarding the benefits of agricultural production on campus and its feasibility. First, how much food could be grown on campus and how does this compare to…

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  • How Does Social Media Affect Business

    business will fail. There are many forms of marketing that can be used to showcase you company and get your name out there. Social Media is a popular form and can be very economical for starting out. Jayson Demers of states, some of the importance of using social media for a startup is, increasing brand recognition, brand loyalty, more opportunities that can convert, higher conversion rates than conventional marketing, a higher brand authority, increased traffic, lower marketing…

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  • Whitman Massacre Analysis

    traumatic events on victims’ psychological and spiritual influences and the need for cross-specialty study. They compared their findings to that of a study done on the Mann Gulch Smokejumpers to gain perspective on human reaction during and directly after a life threatening event. When examining the 1993 flooding in the Midwestern United States, they also found that pre-existing religious connections influenced coping mechanisms in much the same way. O’Grady postulates that “these findings…

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  • The Metric System

    For example, NASA engineers believe that a full conversion to the metric system would cost about $370 million dollars. These numbers might seem frightening, but then again, NASA has already lost a $125 million dollar orbiter due to conversion errors. The guarantee that there would no longer be any conversion mishaps seems like a good deal. Also, some Americans have chosen to stick with the imperial system simply because of American pride. Though this seems like a virtuous American thing to do,…

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  • Blessings Of Solar Energy

    blessings of solar energy is that humans are by no means going to run out of this large electricity aid even for millions of years. That is not something we possibly can say for oil, coal, petroleum, and different fossil fuels that humans have been dependent on for thousands of years. If people need to save the earth from raising carbon-emission gases, pollutants of water, and even global warming, they ought to change the electricity sources they use at present. Seeking more alternative power…

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