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This document includes information about the project Helios, which is a solar powered wrist worn fitness tracker. Within this document is a project overview, objective/goals of Helios, risks associated with the project and a project timeline. This is in order to ensure that the stakeholders: Kingston Steele, Don Heer, Rachael Cate and Akash Kannegulla and the contributors: Bridget Donohue, Maricela Valenzuela and Al-Khatab Al-Busaidi have the same objectives and understanding regarding this project. This document needs to be reviewed so that all parties involved agree.

Helios, a solar powered wrist worn fitness tracker is an idea that Kingstone Steele, a local industrial designer envisioned from his previous idea of making a solar powered
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The solar cell that will be included in the watch will supply enough power to charge the battery on the fitness watch. This enables the fitness tracker to run off solar power and allows the consumer to keep the watch on constantly. Another addition that will be made is incorporating an artificial intelligence (AI), this will interpret the user’s exercise activity, as well as, be a unique virtual coach to each individual. To ensure that all of the current features of fitness trackers and the additional features are incorporated in Helios the electronic outline in Fig. 1 has been modeled by Kingston Steele …show more content…
Since, we haven’t completed a project like this, many of the technologies and programming will be completely new to us, being a major risk factor for the project. Researching will be the main priority to ensure that the project is fully understood and that we have all the required materials and equipment. Additionally, malfunctions are prevalent among electronics; there could be glitches in the app or a problem with the watch communicating effectively with the app. This risk is critical because this will prevent the fitness tracker from communicating through Bluetooth with the App and essentially not allowing the AI to track multiple things at the same time. To help minimize this we need to do research on programming with firmware software and building an app. There is always the option of the battery and solar cell not being able to handle all the functions that are desired in the watch, which could result in a change in the features or in the battery itself. This could be especially true with GPS, which is extremely draining on a battery. Once again we can try to avoid this by heavy research and calculations to help determine from the start what features our battery and solar cell can supply. It is vital to confirm that each of the different blocks to the fitness tracker and the App are working separately. If the different blocks to the overall fitness tracker are

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