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  • The Importance Of Solar Cell Technology

    Solar cell technology has seen little innovation since the inceptive crystalline silicon solar cell. While crystalline silicon solar cells offer stable and high efficiencies (~24% out of a theoretical 33.7% maximum1), their manufacturing process is expensive and environmentally detrimental. Over the past decade, photovoltaic and optoelectronic materials based on organic molecules have gained popularity. These cells promise to be low-cost, flexible, environmentally friendly, and functionalizable.2,3 However, due to the increased complexity of the electron-donor systems owed to discrete molecular orbitals, the efficiencies of such cells are generally much lower. The prototypical organic photovoltaic cell has a bulk heterojunction design, sporting an active layer made of a donor-acceptor blend of polymers.4 To ensure effective charge percolation, the structure of n-doped and p-doped molecules must provide continuous pathways while intermingling on a 10 nm scale to allow exciton decoupling. Irregular quasi-crystalline…

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  • Solar Cells Advantages And Disadvantages

    3.1. Types of solar cells There are 3 main types of commercially available cells: 3.1.1Mono crystalline Silicon PV& Polycrystalline Silicon PV The occupational health issues are associated to chemical burns and inhalation of fumes from hydro fluoric acid (HF) and other solutions of acids (e.g., HNO3) and alkalis (e.g., NaOH) used for cleaning wafers ,removing complete oxide layer, and cleaning the reactor. Performing the slicing of wafers also results in solid waste for example (e.g.,…

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  • Fresnel Equation In Solar Cells

    will be written in at the Appendix. For now we will use the derived version of Fresnel’s equation for reflection and transmission of light. For S-Polarized Light For P-Polarized Light Where: ni = refractive index of medium 1 nt¬ = refractive index of medium 2 θi = angle of incidence θt¬ = angle of transmission Rs = Reflected intensity at S-Polarization Rp = Reflected intensity at P-Polarization Antireflection Coating Generation of charge carriers through…

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  • What Is The Pros And Cons Of Solar Energy

    A common misconception is that solar power is expensive, and though the cost of the equipment is high at first with the instillation it will eventually give back the money spent lost from the initial installation. Some Materials are exotic in nature such as Cadmium telluride (CdTe) and Copper indium gallium selenide (CIGS) that are used for thin-film solar cells, but not all cells require such rare materials. The sun is an intermittent energy source, meaning that we can only collect energy at…

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  • Disadvantages Of Solar Energy

    not to use solar energy as an alternative solution to fossil fuels such as coal, petroleum, natural gas and nuclear energy for our energy consumption. 2.1 Impact on resources Many non-renewable resources are being extracted to the point of exhaustion without any consideration to the fact that these fossil fuels may not restore themselves in this century or at all. Coal, which is thought to be the most widely available resource, is estimated to last no longer than 50 years (Morse, 2013).…

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  • What Is Solar Energy Essay

    Solar Energy The sun is the most abundant energy source available and used on Earth, hands down. The problem is, much of the energy from the sun that is used on Earth is used by primary producers, not by us, and what they do use is an incredibly small compared to the 89,300 TW retained on Earth at any instant. What we use is smaller still (22). The first step in harnessing the awesome potential our very own star is understanding just how to do that. Think of the inside of a solar cell, the…

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  • Case Study Of Elon Musk

    has accelerated within the last five years through his aggression and intensity in managing his current companies SpaceX, Tesla Motors, and Solar City, as well as his future projects such as the Giga factory (Tesla, 2015). Musk makes no compromises towards his dream, and it is evidenced through his management style and business history over the last…

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  • Solar Panel Essay

    What is foldable solar panel and what are its uses? Description: The self contained foldable solar panel is the photovoltaic cell or converter used to convert solar energy into electrical energy. They are budget friendly, convenient to use and offer a continuous supply of electricity in out areas. Solar panel is used to convert the solar energy into electrical energy so that it may be used to power the home, the appliances or electrical stuffs used. It saves money, electricity bills and helps…

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  • Flat Plate Collector Essay

    Container. The casing surrounds the upper parts to protect them from dust, moisture Solar energy…

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  • Photovoltaic Cell Essay

    Photovoltaic Cells Using Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes as a Sustainable Alternative Energy Source As a result of all the developments made since the Industrial Revolution, humans have managed to improve the quality of life, expand human knowledge and witness a rapidly increasing population. However, along with these advancements come crucial concerns about pollution, the global climate, and energy security, all of which exacerbate each other. As the human population increases and global…

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