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  • How Did Akhenaten Change Egypt

    inclusion of primarily religious structures in the centre of Amarna indicates that Akhenaten wanted to demonstrate to Egypt the significance of devotion to the Aten. Some of the works constructed by Amenhotep at Luxor and Karnak are indicative of his desire to associate the crown with the sun deity. During one of the many stages of building his temple of Luxor, Amenhotep added a “birth room”, depicting his own birth as the offspring of his mother Mutemwiya and Amun-Ra himself. In his Temples to Aten Akhenaten has included relief scenes of worship to the Aten, depicting some of the royal family facing the sun with offerings of food in front of them. In doing so he has established a kind of “Jesus reputation” for himself and his family; where a Christian might pray to Jesus in order to reach God, the people of Egypt would pray to the royal family, who would in turn pray to the Aten. Those outside the royal family were incapable of connecting directly with the Aten, and so needed the Pharaoh and his family to be the spiritual bridge connecting them with Him. At Karnak, deeply carved relief work from a granary shows the king exclusively clothed in sun-related imagery, including multiple solar discs. In this work Amenhotep is also beginning to be depicted with a thicker, more childlike face and body. This new, more effeminate style of depiction for the king brought in by Amenhotep III was emphasised dramatically by Akhenaten in his art. Initially Akhenaten was depicted in a more…

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  • Christopher Nolan's The Logic To The Mythical World

    The Logic to the Mythical World “Superheroes fill a gap in the pop culture psyche, similar to the role of Greek mythology. There really isn’t anything else that does the job in modern terms.”- Christopher Nolan. Imagine living in a world where logic and science don’t match. Where, instead of that, grand stories about fantastic things were considered the truth. That was the world of the Greeks. The Greeks were an intelligent group of people who had a thirst for knowledge. They sought answers to…

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  • Cosmological Journey

    The cosmological genre of the New Kingdom includes a wide variety of compositions detailing different aspects of the sun god’s cyclical journey, from sunset in the west each evening through sunrise and rebirth each the morning. These works describe the geography and events of the afterlife, in which the sun god encounters dangers, revives the deceased, and is ultimately renewed before rejoining the world of the living. Within the broader cosmological genre, scholars have distinguished various…

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  • The Roman Goddess Juno

    wrong and the fights is at Equinoxes, this way the Oak King is stronger at Litha and the Holly king is powerful during Yule. Although some wiccan traditions think that the Oak King and Holly King are seen as the Horned God. The Holly King is a wood version of santa claus as he is in red and has a twig of holly in his hair and rides with eight stags. The Oak King is a fertility god and is a green man or lord of the forest. For Litha A fire is lit in honor of a solar deity and the sun, jumping…

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  • Sun God Ra Research Paper

    Life was extremely different at the time of ancient Egypt. The culture and religion was very more symbolic as well as artistic. The representation and reflection of the gods and goddess were precious and very detailed to help the viewers to understand the creation of life. The Egyptians believed in the existence of gods and goddess, who have their own symbolic representations which developed beliefs in different things. One of the most important deity at the time was the sun god Ra, this god was…

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  • Essay On Shinto God

    Ōkami. It just would not feel right. The next god I will be speaking about is Rudra, a Hindu deity holding jurisdiction over wild animals, storms, disease, and death. My interest in Rudra is much more recent than Amaterasu and the reason I hold any interest is due to the fact that he is seen as one of the most terrifying of the Hindu deities. He is a force not to be reckoned with, yet despite his temperament, he is also described as the divine physician ("Rudra"). Though it was his ill-temper…

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  • The Biblical Definition Of Holiness

    Being holy is a command by the Lord, he tells us that he is the most holy and that we should be like him. We have to do our best to live holy lives, which is not any easy thing to do because of the world we live in is corrupt. The devil has a strong grip on the majority of this world and he is not letting go any time soon. In this paper I will be talking about how my denomination takes a biblical stand point on holiness, whether or not I believe holiness can be attained in this life, and how I…

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  • Examples Of Creation Stories

    Creation, we all believe in it but not all of us know what it means. It’s the beginning, how we and everything around us came to be. Throughout this comparison response I will explore a variety of cultural creation stories ranging from; Greek mythology and Christianity to Norse, Apache and Australian myths. Different religions and cultures have established their own explanation to life. There was once a time before us when the universe was a vast, void, space, and light, along with everything…

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  • Analysis: Triad Of King Mycerinus And Two Goddesses

    comparative lack of depth. The more obvious elements of the depth -- such as that this is an example of a high relief sculpture -- were recognized upon my first viewing of this piece. Conversely, the subtleties of the depth, such as that King Mycerinus’ back is carved closer to the foreground than the other two figures, and that his toes reach past Hathor’s chair, were noticed about a half hour into my observation of this piece. This instance lends to the prominence of King Mycerinus and by…

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  • Comparing Gilgamesh And Enkidu's Friendship

    In Gilgamesh, translated by N.K. Sanders, readers witness an unbreakable bond of friendship through the characters of Gilgamesh and Enkidu. Enkidu was created by the gods to be Gilgamesh’s companion. They both guided each other through harsh times and were each other’s crutch. They shared a bond that could only be broken by death. When Enkidu passed away, it was clear how much of an impact it had on Gilgamesh. The friendship completely transformed his personality and stirred up emotions within…

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