Sole proprietorship

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  • The Benefits Of Sole Proprietorship

    o Sole Proprietorship: o Liability- Business owners do not possess any particular differences in regard to assets. The assets of the business can really be used in many ways, including the way to pay any personal debt that was acquired also the personal assets are a way to pay the business debts too because when dealing with a sole proprietorship it is subject to being accessible to unlimited liability. o Income Taxes – The income or the revenue brought in with a sole proprietorship is always considered ordinary personal income tax to the owner, and is sometimes subjected to having the most rate of taxation by the I.R.S. o Longevity and Continuity– Because a business owner and the business are somewhat in the same group or group’s legally…

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  • Limited Liability Partnership Essay

    Entrepreneurs have the privilege of deciding how they want their business to operate. It is obvious that success is one of the main goals, but the pace and direction to get there can be different. Business owners have to develop a structured plan that will guide them for one milestone to the next. It is beneficial for some entrepreneurs and business leaders to think heavily about what style of structure is best suited for their vision. Those styles of structure would be a sole proprietorship,…

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  • Three Types Of Business

    There are many choices that must be made when setting up a business but the most important question is what type of business it will be. In today’s business world there are three types of businesses sole proprietorships, partnerships, and corporations. In this paper each type of business will be explained in detail by describing advantages, disadvantages, and examples of each type of business. The first form of business is the sole proprietorship. A sole proprietorship is a business that is…

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  • Sole Proprietorship Advantages And Disadvantages

    Sole Proprietorship Description In a Sole Proprietorship there is only one owner. No matter what name you put the company under you are the responsible party. Legally the owner and the business are the same. Two Advantages Two advantages to a sole proprietorship would be that they are easy to create and costs are low, and the owner is the company, all responsibilities are under one individual. Two Disadvantages Two Disadvantages would be that there is no way to bring a partner into the business,…

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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Sole Proprietorship

    Advantages of a Sole Proprietorship: There are numerous reasons why an individual would decide to begin their business up utilizing a sole proprietorship structure. Beginning a sole proprietorship is substantially less muddled than beginning a formal corporation, furthermore much cheaper. A few states permit sole proprietorships to be shaped without the twofold taxation benchmarks appropriate to generally corporations. The owner of a sole proprietorship is not needed to record a separate…

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  • Assignment 4: A Career As A Finance Manager

    I will start as the CEO and founder of the company and I will concentrate on sales, promotions, and internet. We will start out as a Sole proprietorship since I will be owning and running almost all the company when we start, and would then later on like to turn into a partnership weather that be with a brand/manufacturer. I will be in charge of product development and make sure I order all the products that we need to maintain a very smooth work flow, and also make sure that all the order are…

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  • Summary Of Sunshine Flower Shop

    Flower Shop provides, delivers and sells plants, flower arrangements and even gifts. Each flower is grown here in my own backyard flower garden where customers can go and hand pick which flower they prefer to be on their arrangements. We provide flowers throughout the year for various occasions, from weddings to birthday parties, any celebrations and funerals. Our mission is to provide on time delivery and exceed all expectations our customers have. Here at Sunshine Flower Shop we guarantee…

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  • Maximizing Shareholder Wealth Analysis

    For example, the hardware store, Tom is a sole proprietorship. Tom is the sole owner he hires a full staff of employees, but the store is owned 100%. If someone walks in, sliding on the wet floor and impales himself or herself on the chainsaw in a row, and Tom will be 100% when the man in charge of the unfortunate family disemboweled suing for wrongful death. In return for the risk. Tom retains all of the profit after tax earned from the store and can spend it any way he pleases. Always…

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  • Summary: Business Entity Distinctions

    A. Business Entity Distinctions Business entities are chosen based on three criteria: liability, taxation, and recordkeeping. The first criterion (liability) focuses on how much debt an owner is personally liable for as well as how the debt ratio affects an owner’s ability to acquire capital. In his current election as a sole proprietorship, Mr. Jones is personally liable for all debts incurred while in operation. If Mr. Jones is unable to repay business debts; his personal assets can be seized…

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  • Case Study Acme Fireworks

    The owner’s business ventures could fall through at a later time frame. Especially if he were to maintain a sole proprietorship, that would have him liable for anything negative that happens within the business. As a manager of Acme Fireworks I am technically a compensated agent operating under the principle owner of Acme Fireworks. That being said, I suggested to the owner that we should make some changes with the business structure since the owner stated that he was worried about the…

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