Solid-state drive

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  • Education Is The Key To Unlock The Golden Door Of Freedom Essay

    unlock the golden door of freedom” I say that giving student the tools to master education everywhere they want is providing them with a key to that golden door. You could use your computer from a park. Sitting on a bench or in the back seat of a bus. Isn 't amazing to be able to decide to work or study from wherever you feel like and not to be bound to a office or a room. This is a real freedom. There are other ports like an audio jack, two USB , a Thunderbolt and SD reader but people are using them more sparingly. So this idea of making a laptop relying mostly on the internet cloud has apparently not been so crazy, since today all the competitors are making ultra thin laptops too. But in creating something so thin they also had to keep the solid feel of the thicker computers. To keep the structural stiffness of the device they carved a piece of aluminum to perfectly match the internal components, looking at the machinery on the production line carving into the metal box it’s as amazing as watching a sculptor working on a piece a…

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  • Ways To Trim Natural Hair Essay

    How To Trim Natural Hair Figuring out how to trim natural hair, as with every other aspect of a natural hair regimen, can take some time. So much depends on personal preference and the condition of your hair that you may have to try different methods before figuring out the one that’s best for your situation. You may choose to trim your natural hair wet or dry, in twists or loose or naturally curly instead of…

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  • The Challenges Of Digital Evidence

    access to data frameworks. The scopes of potential digital evidence supports have grown exponentially, be it hard drives in personal computers and laptops or solid state memories in mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, even while idleness times linger behind. This paper discusses four best sources of data that forensics experts hunger to get their hands on. They are log files, hard drives, mobiles devices, and social networking websites. Each of these sources has its own…

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  • How To Make My PC Fast

    You can run a disk cleanup utility and clean ups your personal computer from unwanted files and releases space in the system. You can run the disk cleanup utility by going to the hard drive, select the properties option and then click on the Disk cleanup present in the general tab. Run a disk defragment from time to time It is advisable to use solid state drives also referred to as SSD’s. These drives replace the system’s HDDs enabling the system to be more secure and fast. Another vital step…

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  • IBM: The World's First Hard Drive

    Hard drives have grown in size and slimmed down in size over the years. When the first hard drives were being developed they were 3.75 Megabytes, that is the size of about one high quality 3 minute song. It was 68 cubic feet big, that is the just under the average minicompact car cubic footage. And weighed just about as much as the car, the hard drive weighing in at 2,000 pounds. To access data on it it would take about 600 milliseconds, that was fast for back then. They were amazed they could…

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  • Characteristics Of Creating An Oracle Database

    files on a database. Now if you were looking to store information on a database using hard disk drives or the more expensive but more powerful solid state drives that are about four times faster while using half the power draw solid state drives are by far the better choice. The old hard disk drives are becoming better in the terms they bigger than solid state drives, but fail more and are very audible as they are mechanical drives, they do support raid connections like solid state drives do…

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  • Computer Hardware Analysis

    a Computer that carries out the instructions of a Computer by preforming the basic arithmetic.” RAM: Random Access Memory is a form of data storage device it is designed to allow data items to be Read / Written to in order to correspond with other peripherals such as HDD, SSD, Optical Drive (DVD-RW) (CD-RW) the read and write rate varies on the size of the chip some manufactures build there chips faster than others so it always best to shop…

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  • Solid Solubility Lab Report

    Solid solubility is whether that solid can dissolve in specific solvent or not. When a solid dissolve, the ions that comprise the solid will disperse in the solvent thus create a different concentration distribution within the solvent solution. Thus we can view this as a flow of ion from high concentration to low concentration (there’s a flow of ions) Electrical activity is the ability for electron to travel within the material. Specific solid material molecule will have free electrons to…

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  • Challenges In Forensic Investigations

    sources can come from different forms and areas such as: personal computer, hard drives, network logs, social networking sites, mobile devices. These sources can contain a vast amount of data. Hence, they lead up to many challenges in acquiring the data. For example, just in mobile devices category, there are multiple types of devices – cell phones, smartphones, tablets, PDA devices, and more. Three different events – network intrusion, malware installation, and insider file deletion – can be…

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  • Nt1110 Graphics Card

    images or videos or work or store programs such as Microsoft office, these are also both cheap to buy. DVD drives no longer come as standard on a computer as technology is moving forward. (G) Hard drives – C drive on a computer Hard drives is the main storage device for the computer but these can also be found in lots of devices other than computers such as a sky + box where they are used to store all of the recorded content that the user has saved. Storing files on the hard drive is good…

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