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  • The Importance Of Eratosthenes In Aristotle's Work

    not flat that is was indeed a sphere. As that information was known they still did not know exactly how big this sphere actually was. This lead Eratosthenes to make observations and begin his process to figure out the circumference of Earth. Eratosthenes observed and compared the position of Earth’s rays as they shone upon two different locations. One of the locations was a well in Syene, Egypt, known as Aswan in today’s society. The second location was in the city of Alexandria. At the well he observed that during the summer solstice the rays from the sun shone straight down the well and the rays reached the bottom of the well without touching the sides at of the well at all. This observation helped Eratosthenes come to the conclusion that the Sun’s rays were actually located directly above the well in Egypt. After making this observation Eratosthenes headed to Alexandria and set a pole in the ground. This pole helped him see that on the summer’s solstice the Sun’s ray created a shadow. Another theory of what happened in Alexandria is that he observed that a shadow was created from the sun as the rays of the sun hit a tall tower. Both theories/observations of the happening at Alexandria rather using the stick or the tower helped…

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  • Sun Observation Report

    Within the twenty-four hour rang we have in a day the sun splits it into two halves; Night and day. However the path of they sun is always changing and is never the same. Just like any other star it rises in the east and sets in the west. As time goes by you begin noticing the sun changes its exact paths. The sun’s path through the sky is farther north in June and farther south in December (the sun and the seasons, 2010). Around the end of March and September the sun’s path goes along the…

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  • The Roman Goddess Juno

    jumped over the fire and did not get your clothes on fire you were ohave a good luck the year to come. When the fire is out and the ashes have cooled make a protective amulet.This is a good time to give offerings to your allies and to faeries or energy beings who may help you, or who share your environment. dancing, feasting, drinking and bonfires; This promotes goodwill, and increases the harmony of your home. As an offering, food is usually appreciated. Traditionally, milk and bread would be…

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  • The Pre-Incans

    neatly aligned but nobody knows for sure why these towers were constructed this way (Emerging Technology From the arXiv). All information was destroyed and lost when the pre-Incans fought and demolished the once great site of Chankillo. All that remains are the ruins which stand as puzzle pieces for scientists to analyze and resolve to unearth their meaning. Amelia Sparavigna at the Politecnico di Torino in Italy has a theory from a program she developed that calculates the position of the sun…

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  • My Spring Research Paper

    Spring has sprung, or has it? Here we are in the first week of May. The weather is still chilly and the nights are still cold. Spring has always been my favorite season for many reasons. The best part about spring to me is my birthday. Unfortunately, April's weather is all over the place. For example, one year on April 8th it was 81 degrees outside. However, the next day (which happens to me my birthday) only got up to 45 degrees. I was lucky enough that I was able to get out there the day…

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  • The Vytakans: A Short Story

    centuries, through secrets passed down from generation to generation. They come in the night , never the same way, never the same way, they come for the men and the boys, for the apprentices and the masters, and the priests and the elders. They are an ever present threat, always watching yet never there, the villages and camps are always moved, the scouts captured or killed, and the ever present stench of fear, the people had given up hope that this would ever cease. The fear that one night…

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  • Summer Solstice Poem

    The Comradtic Mechanism “Summer Solstice, New York City” by Sharon Olds; is a short poem about the longest day of the year, a day when one person tries to end his own life and the police who work to save him. Your life. Possessive. It is your life, no one else. People like to think and speak in these terms; to make things belong to them, or to make themselves feel like they do. When people think about how to handle a problem that is effecting them, they like to think is a small closed off space.…

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  • Earth Vs Mars Essay

    Introduction While Earth and Mars share similarities, these two planets possess distinct differences. The objective of this article will be to elaborate upon those planetary differentials that exist between such specific domains. Mars does maintain aspects that strike comparisons to those of Earth, though poses equal distinction in its galactic contrasts. This article shall reveal the ideal atmospheric condition of Earth as well as towards its sustaining a total environment for complete cycles…

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  • Aristotle Final Cause Analysis

    1. Define and briefly discuss the significance of the following five terms. In this discussion, please make sure to explain why the terms are important to the development of the philosophy of science. (Five points each, 25 total) 1. Final (or teleological) cause The final cause is “that for the sake of which a thing is done” (13). The final cause of a soup bowl is: holding soup so that it can be eaten. The final cause is an integral component of Aristotle’s explanation of why the…

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  • Stopping By Woods On A Snowy Evening Poem Analysis

    In Robert Frost's Poem "Stopping By Woods on A Snowy Evening" the speaker chooses to surround himself with the dangers of nature away from the comforts of society; whereas Tennyson's "The Lady of Shalott" is in a tower locked away from the beauties of society because of her own fears. As the speaker in Frost's poem secludes himself from society he notices the dangers around him and what they could potentially cause. In Robert Frost's poem "Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening" he describes a man…

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