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  • Personal Reflective Account On Moving House

    It is crucial that information is passed on correctly to ensure that everyone involved has understood the information in the same context. In this experience communication was not effective; when contacting the solicitors and estate agents neither had acquired the same information. Due to poor communication neither party were clear on what was happening- which is what the Shannon and Weaver model of communication (1948) outlines as the Semantic problem (Nöth, 1990). What will I do when/ if it happens again? After reflecting, I have been able to evaluate what I would adapt, to prevent this from happening again. I have now experienced the transition of moving house; I know the process, the time that it can take and the possible problems that can arise. Therefore, next time I will prevent my emotions from becoming a barrier. Next time I do not want to be the one communicating between parties. If there is better communication and everyone understands the…

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  • Maureen Boldt Case Study

    Maureen Boldt, a local mediator in Ontario who was brought forth in the Superior Court of Justice, on March 22, 2006 for being alleged guilty of breaching the injunction order of Bolan J. Ms. Boldt was accused for authorized practice of the law which contradicted section 50 of the Law of Society Act. Considering that section 50 of the law clearly states that “no person, other than a member who’s rights and privileges are not suspended, shall act as a barrister or solicitor to hold themselves out…

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  • The Similarities Between Solicitors And Barristers

    unilaterally. Practicing Lawyers in England and Wales are currently categorized into two distinctive groups: solicitors and barristers. Solicitors serve as a point of contact for clients and provide advice on a wide array of matters, whether it be a civil, criminal, or business one. Conversely, barristers play the role of advocates for the solicitors within and outside of the courtroom and tend to specialize in one of the numerous fields of law. Typically, solicitors will call upon barristers…

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  • Case Study: Seymours Solicitors

    I am an enthusiastic marketing consultant, experienced in digital marketing and marketing communication. I focus on the real needs of the client and develop strategy accordingly, in a genuinely creative fashion. I have a passionate ‘can do’ attitude and a singular ability to write great copy. I have almost 20 years’ experience gained while working with a wide variety of organisations including outstanding special education organisations, leading charities, international firms of solicitors,…

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  • Solicitors Regulation Authority: Case Study

    This case was in between John Michael Malins and the Solicitors Regulation Authority. The appellant in this case is a solicitor specialised in construction law. On 1st of May 2013 he was part of Bond Pearce LLP, on that day Bond Pearce LLP merged with Dickinson D which then became Bond Dickinson. After the merge, the appellant decided to become a partner in a new firm. The solicitor did appeal against a decision that was made by the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal. The tribunal found the…

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  • Smith Jones Solicitors: A Case Study

    Have you ever gotten injured due to someone’s fault or gotten ill resulting from someone’s negligence? Then we at Smith Jones Solicitors may help you claim specialized treatment for injury or illness. Our team consists of highly specialized injury solicitors who are dedicated to ensuring you have peace of mind. Consequently, we take over your case and ensure you are adequately compensated. Our services extend beyond compensation. This is because we believe that you still need specialized…

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  • GT Stewart Solicitors Case Study

    6. Functions at GT Stewart Solicitors (2.1) • CEO: the highest-ranking person in the law firm, responsible for taking managerial decisions • High Court Advocate (HCA): responsible for the management and operations as well as assuming the role of HR manager • Supervising Solicitors: responsible for the day-to-day performance of their department • Assistant Solicitors: responsible for providing legal advice and assistance • Billing Manager: responsible for processing and billing cases 7.…

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  • Supreme Court Case Essay

    Decision(s): In 2012, the district court dismissed the case based on the school district’s opinion that the Fry’s did not exhaust all the administrative remedies before filing a suit. The case went to the court of appeals in January of 2014, where the court of appeals agreed with the district court’s decision and dismissed the Fry’s case. In October 2015, the Fry’s filed an appeal with the U.S. Supreme Court. The Solicitor General wrote up a brief report to the U.S. Supreme Court recommending…

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  • Effective Communication Skills In Legal Practice

    Effective communication skills are essential in legal practice. The elements of listening, feedback and questioning skills demonstrate respect, understanding and facilitate effective advocacy. Listening skills create a connection between the solicitor and client, and helps communicate respect and interest in their issues. Understanding can also be demonstrated by giving the client feedback, while also encouraging them to share relevant information. Questioning is important to facilitate…

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  • Dental Negligence Research Paper

    People who use claims management companies to handle their case will not be able to do so with the help of the company - they will need to contact a dental negligence solicitor if they are to be represented in their court case. Dental negligence claims can be difficult and complex, requiring both specialist medical knowledge and specialist legal knowledge. Some people will therefore have to visit an independent dentist or dental health expert to receive an examination, as this will allow dental…

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