Personal Reflective Account On Moving House

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Personal reflective account
I have chosen to use Kolb 's (1931) experiential learning model of reflection to reflect on my personal experience of moving house. I considered this to be the best model to assist me in reflecting on my experience as it allowed me to reflect on what happened, what my experience was, why it happened and what I will do when/if it happened again (McLeod, 2010).
What happened?
I lived with my parents for 20 years, we had always lived in the same house, so I had never experienced the transition of moving before. In May 2014, my partner and I decided to purchase our first home. After consulting our mortgage advisor and viewing a property, we decided to make an offer; on the 31st July our offer was accepted.
What was
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It is crucial that information is passed on correctly to ensure that everyone involved has understood the information in the same context. In this experience communication was not effective; when contacting the solicitors and estate agents neither had acquired the same information. Due to poor communication neither party were clear on what was happening- which is what the Shannon and Weaver model of communication (1948) outlines as the Semantic problem (Nöth, 1990).
What will I do when/ if it happens again?
After reflecting, I have been able to evaluate what I would adapt, to prevent this from happening again. I have now experienced the transition of moving house; I know the process, the time that it can take and the possible problems that can arise. Therefore, next time I will prevent my emotions from becoming a barrier. Next time I do not want to be the one communicating between parties. If there is better communication and everyone understands the information in the same context, then this will result in good time management. I hope to get an honest deadline date, one that all parties agree with. By reflecting on my experience, it has enabled me to see what I would do differently next

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