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  • Driving Experience

    This was her first driving experience, so she felt tense on her first day. Rey taught her how to drive and it was bad. Someone told her that the worst driver instructor is ones partner. Later, she confirmed that person was one hundred percent right. Every driving lesson she had with Rey always ended in an argument. One of her friend even recommended her to go to a driving class, if she really wanted to learn fast. However, Rey was so confident to teach her. Finally, Rey gave her the go signal to take her driver’s test. Many people whom she knew and they took the driver’s test said, “Passing a driver’s test was hard”. She was very nervous when she took her first driving test. The woman in charged looked super strict. She told her to take out everything hanging in front of the car. She was sweating and getting nervous. During her test, she was so worried that she was not paying attention. They almost got into an accident. The driving instructor told her, “That was a dangerous driving!” From there she already knew she failed the test. It took her three tests to get her license. She told Rey, “It was better to pay $10 to take the test until I passed it rather than spending money on going to a driving lesson class” after getting her driver’s license. She was very happy that she could go out anytime and anywhere she wants. Taking a driving test is a little nerve racking however, there is always a way to help someone prepare…

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  • The Benefits Of Driving

    the young and old hop into their cars and head out to work, school, or to meet up with their friends. Because of this, Americans see driving as one of the ultimate expressions of personal freedom. You can drive wherever you want, as long as nobody else gets in your way. Accordingly, therein lies the problem with driving, the age of distracted and entitled drivers is upon us. Few drivers on the road properly prepare themselves for the dangers of operating a 2-ton guided missile on public…

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  • Dangers Of Driving While Driving

    parents being with you. This driving privilege is almost always taken advantage of by teen drivers. Now, think back to when you first got your drivers license, what was one of the first things you did? Most likely, you called up your best friend and you guys go out for a drive. Depending on what kind of driver you are, you either drove carefully or recklessly. Assuming you were the reckless type, you were most likely driving with some sort of distraction such as loud music, cell phone or…

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  • The Hazards Of Careless Driving

    Careless driving is an offence related to general poor driving and includes a variety of behaviours, such as tailgating, failing to look properly and sudden braking. It is defined in law (section 3ZA of the Road Traffic Act 1988) as driving that "falls below what is expected of a competent and careful driver" and "driving without reasonable consideration for other persons only if those persons are inconvenienced by his driving". The offences for careless driving include driving "without due…

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  • Fear Of Driving Essay

    know of who doesn’t have a driver’s licenses and who is absolutely scared out of her mind to drive, wants to eventually overcome her fear of driving and get her license. The one teen I know of is me, I’m 19 and don’t have my driver’s licenses. I have gotten in the driver’s seat before and driven places but knowing I could put not only myself but anybody in the car with me in a lot of danger, scares me. Some of my family members have gotten in one or more car accidents in my lifetime and that…

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  • Safe Experience In Driving: My First Years Of Driving

    Throughout my first year of driving, I have had anything but a traditional, safe experience behind the wheel of my 2-ton car. It seems like anytime I get behind the wheel of a car, something somewhere in the universe decides to test me once again. However, despite being a firsthand witness to my awful luck, I also astonish myself every time I experience these situations with how I handle and learn from them. This is one of those times. After having my license for about 8 months, you would think…

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  • Essay On Distracted Driving

    Distracted Driving Distracted driving is the practice of driving a motor vehicle while engaged in another activity. Most people think that the main distraction while driving is the use of a cell phone, however, this is entirely untrue. People partake in various activities while driving in their cars, causing distracted driving to be the primary reason for car crashes in the United States. Each day in the United States, over 8 people are killed and 1,161 are injured in car crashes that are…

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  • The Importance Of Teenage Driving

    the years. To teens, driving brings a sense of freedom and independence, it boosts self-esteem, and makes one feel grown up. However, teenagers have less experience, maturity, and driver training than most adults. Therefore, more teenage drivers are involved in car crashes every year and more are being killed. The number of teenage deaths is increasing because teenagers are immature and believe they are invincible. They think they can speed, not wear seatbelts, drink and drive, and drive…

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  • Dangers Of Music And Driving

    Listening to music is a very popular activity that helps people improve their mood. Moreover, music helps to relax and ease pain. While playing music while driving is most prevalent among teen drivers - 93% of teens drive with music, the older generation also tends to enjoy this activity. Most drivers listen to loud music, and most of them admit that they adjust their radio or use their phone while driving. Unfortunately, only a few know that driving with music is often compared to drunk…

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  • The Problem Of Texting And Driving

    I live in the Greater Houston Area, and driving is something I do on a daily basis. Whether it is the 30 miles from home to the city for work or the 165 miles from home to school, the road is long and I am prone to distractions. I tend to be good about not texting and driving, but sadly it is not the only distraction drivers can have. Lately I have caught myself getting distracted by playing music on my phone and the GPS. Music is especially distracting when I make the three-hour drive from Waco…

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