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  • Driving Distracted While Driving

    Is there ever a time when driving and you get a text message or a notification on your phone and you have to know who it is from, or what it is for? You can look at it for what feels like a second, but in all reality it was more like a minute or two; then there is the urge to reply, so you do. By the time you look back up you've gone as far as a football field and you hardly realize it. But what you do realize is that you passed McDonalds to get those french fries; so you turn around and get your fries. Realize the on going issue here? People are driving distracted, and it's not very safe, you probably drive distracted and don't even realize it. If we could get people to drive less distracted then there would be less wrecks, and less wrecks…

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  • Defensive Driving

    Introduction On a particularly dreary Thursday afternoon, I was driving down a well-known street. One that I drive very often in my many travels. As I was driving down the well-worn road, I came up to a stoplight and prepared to make my right turn, as any good civilian driver would. I set my cell phone down and glanced quickly to my left, decided that my way was clear, and proceeded with my turn. All of a sudden, I hear the sound of an obnoxiously loud car horn, drowning out my music. I quickly…

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  • Safe Driving

    When people think about the most likely places where they will have an auto accident, they often conjure up images of long road trips during the holidays. If not this, then they may involve unfamiliar situations that are far removed from their normal daily routine. However, from a statistical standpoint, you are more likely to have an accident where you do most of your driving. Those routine routes that you take several times a week expose you to a wide variety of weather and traffic conditions…

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  • Minimum Driving Age

    The minimum driving age should be raised I think the minimum driving age should be raised because because over the past few years there have being a lot of teenagers getting in car accidents. In 2008 50,186 tennagers were involved in fatal crashes. It’s important to minimum the driving age because tennagers are risking their life , they don’t have that much experience driving , and they are not that much responsable while they are driving. One reason why is a good idea to minimum the driving…

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  • Raising Driving Age

    the age of 19 die from driving accidents? Almost 60% of all car accidents occur more often in the teen age group. Older people tend to be more mature and pay more attention when they drive. Raising the driving age to 21 can benefit younger people. Raising the driving age will also save people’s lives. The driving age should be increased to 21 because it gives people advantages to be safe and to drive. Older people tend to be more mature and pay more attention when they drive. Meanwhile teens…

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  • Causes Of Distracted Driving

    inside of the vehicle. Distracted Driving is an issue that affects and changes many people’s lives daily. From the victim to the suspect of the accident, both sides are impacted greatly. Some of the problems do not even come from the distracted drivers themselves. Cell phone companies and automakers are coming up with the most up to date technologies that attract millennials and tech-savvy adults.These distractions can be a temptation to be a center of focus while somebody is driving a car.…

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  • Preventing Distracted Driving

    Distracted driving is a serious issue America faces today. Many states have come together to find a solution to this problem. However, the solution is being debated among many Americans. Some states have passed a law saying, it is illegal to drive while using a hand-held device. This law is the first step to prevent distracted driving. Driving is a responsibility that requires concentration and flexibility. When a person is on a practice drive, there is never a time the driver will have a…

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  • Texting Vs Driving

    One of the most common ways to commute between locations is to travel by car. When traveling by car, it is important to drive carefully. The precautions you take during the winter and the summer share some similarities and differences. During the winter and summer months it is important to stay alert. To do this, it means keeping your eyes on the road and being aware of your surroundings. To make sure one is paying attention while driving, it is important to either turn off your cell phone or…

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  • Essay On Fear Of Driving

    eventually overcome her fear of driving and get her license. The one teen I know of is me, I’m 19 and don’t have my driver’s licenses. I have gotten in the driver’s seat before and driven places but knowing I could put not only myself but anybody in the car with me in a lot of danger, scares me. Some of my family members have gotten in one or more car accidents in my lifetime and that also scares me. Another reason why I am so afraid of driving is because I grew up in a small town with no stop…

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  • Bad Driving Statistics

    After reviewing the driving handbook I found the statistics crazy. When teens get their licenses I think they don’t have the knowledge that more experienced drivers have. When teenagers drive they tend to not have the knowledge to correct their mistakes. One adult statistic is the number one for death to an adult, is speeding %42. I also think this is a mistake to, because when drivers think they have more experience they think they can drive faster and take more risky chances. What I noticed…

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