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  • Are Too Dependent On Cell Phones In High School

    I think smartphones are causing middle and high school to become too dependent on their cellphones,students depend on phone more than their health,smartphone are a drug that cannot easily weaned off,many teenagers become Addicted to their cell phones.these are the many reasons why high school and middle school become dependent on their cell phones First of all,students depend on their phone more than their health.students are focusing on their phone and it can mostly cause them to go blind .Teenagers having blurry vision because of their phone.students are losing weight because they were not eating.Most students waste their time on cellphone during lunch time.when playing on your phone too long or too much it can lead to loss of social skill.It can lead to getting headache when not getting enough sleep.Using too much technology can lead to hearing loss, and neck strain.These are the many reasons. Secondly,Smart phone are a drug that cannot easily weaned off.When you take your kids on vacation with you and your kids are to be parted from them they would have no idea what to do with themselves.Playing on phones too long can cause addiction to your phones.They can’t be seperate from their phones.When enjoying meals with family members teens would pull out their phone to check their messages before scanning the menu,they would check their phone repeatedly throughout the meal.These are the many reasons why smartphone are a drug that cannot…

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  • Analysis Of Have Smartphones Destroyed Generations? By Jean M. Twenge

    “Have Smartphones Destroyed Generations?” is the question Jean M. Twenge asks in his article in The Atlantic Magazine. The article highlights the influence of smartphones on the present generation. In the article, the author, proves his claims by comparing survey data of two different generations, the GenX and the iGen. The author declares that the current generation is safer physically, but are on the verge of a mental-health crisis. The article lists all the problems the American teens are…

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  • Why Is Technology Wrong

    are stuck late at night need help with homework you can quickly look up for help on the internet. On the internet there are teacher or video tutorial to help a student with their homework problem. This can greatly help any student in any level of grade of any type of homework to quickly accessed the internet to get help on homework if he or she gets stuck. In conclusion, technology like cell phone bring great amount possible potential to the human society. It can assist us in so many ways like…

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  • Rhetorical Analysis Of Millennials In The Workplace

    In his optimistic speech, Millennials in the Workplace, (Introduce him a little bit, like saying, “inspirational speech-giver, Simon Sinek”)Simon Sinek emphasizes the problem existing with the lives of millennials who don’t accurately balance cell phone and media use with the reality of the world, physically. Sinek’s main audience is geared towards any individual who is constantly, as he would say, addicted to their cell phone and social media. As a person who is not a millennial but who has…

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  • A Comparison Of Top Cell Phone Brands

    Top Cell Phone Brands There are many mobile phone brands available on the market. Do you know about Top Cell Phone Brands? Many people want to know which mobile phone brand selling the most. You will be surprised by the best sellers in the market. Learn More About Top Cell Phone Brands Living in the modern world everyone wants to buy a cell phone which has more facilities and easy to use. Some mobile phone companies given below sell the most. Keep reading the article to learn about the Top…

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  • Mobile Phone A Blessing Or Blessing Essay

    Are mobile phones a blessing or curse? This is one of the questions most people ask when it comes to the use of technological devices. Mobile phones are one of the technological devices that have brought a lot of changes since the twentieth century when it was first introduced. Despite many concerns arising from the use of mobile phones, they continue to improve our lives each passing day. Before hand held devices such as mobile devices, landlines were used as means of communication. These…

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  • Disadvantages Of Cybercrime

    Many people depends mainly on mobile phones and the use of internet on contacting people that will gradually replace the far-distant mean through the face-to-face communication, which is more reliable and credible. Many of them believe that the use of internet such as social medias could be their way to communicate, educate, socialize, and entertained but the thing is are we aware of the effects of these technological advances? I will explain broadly in my topic some different examples and…

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  • The Impact Of Cell Phones On Society

    With technology advancing every single day, society’s youth has become more and more dependent on electrical devices, especially cell phones. The concept and ideas of the cell phone have drastically changed from when phones were first made mobile. The way that cell phones affected sociology decades ago is much different then the way that cell phones affect sociology in modern days. Cell phones are now a drastic part of the every day lives of millions, even billions, of people world wide.…

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  • The Difference Between Smartphone And Smartphones

    If we look 30 years back, everyone owns a mobile phone with top brands at that time such as Nokia, Motorola, and Sony. However, nowadays mobile phones are outdated and smartphones became a trend. Everyone owns at least a smartphone and some of us have more than one. But then, what is the difference between smartphones and mobile phones? Actually, smartphones and mobile phone have no difference at all as both exist for the same reason, connect one people with another. Many researchers have made a…

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  • Negative Effects Of Cell Phones

    In these days, people prefer to communicate with the others by the easiest way and this way conclude in a small device called cell phone. This small device can let us socialize with each other. In addition, community in these days are really need to be aware about the other people, especially the close people like relatives, friends, and the dealers. On the other hand, some people prefer to enjoy it by chatting, watching videos, and playing. Actually, the dangerous thing that most of the…

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