What Are The Dangers Of Mobile Phone

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Can you believe that your cell phone could possibly cause several health issues for you. As almost everyone knows, cell phones are taking over our world. They are used for communication, social networking, entertainment purposes, and much more. The list of things you can do with a cell phone is practically endless. In the United States, over 303 million people are subscribed to a cell phone network, and that’s just the United States.1 Adding everybody else in the world, about 6 out of 7 billion have cell phones! If cell phones are dangerous, then most of the world population is in danger! Cell phones could possibly be dangerous because they emit radio waves.1 Radio waves are also known as radio-frequency energy, which is a form of electromagnetic …show more content…

The world is so used to cell phones now, that we can’t just throw them away. We rely on them everyday, several times. To prevent cell phones from harming you without totally banishing them, there’s a few things you can do. First of all, just simply limit time on your phone. Only text when you need to and only answer calls or call others if its important. Try to set a certain number of hours that you will be on your phone. Another thing you could do is keep your phone in your bag, instead of pocket while not using it, so it isn’t in touch with your skin. Make sure that you don’t sleep with your phone under your
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The case is beneficial in many ways, the main reason being that it helps protect you from the radiation from the cell phone. The case also helps save battery, which is useful in many ways. It also helps your phone have better reception, which is important because when your phone doesn’t have good service it uses up more radiation trying to get service. The reason these cases are made is to move away the radiation, and to make sure that it doesn’t give us any diseases, and the longer battery percentage is just a bonus. Even though these cases move the radiation away from your face and body, you should still try to spend less time on your phone and avoid letting the phone be in your pocket or in your bed. Our cell phones are important to the social aspect because they are how everybody stays in contact, so it’s a good thing that we don’t have to get rid of

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