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  • Examples Of Impiety In The Apology Of Socrates

    In the Apology of Socrates there is not real evidence of true impiety for the Athenian government, but Socrates does put forth feelings of arrogance and self-confidence within himself and his beliefs. Throughout Socrates’ trial he hardly questions anyone which would be seen in a traditional trial, he often goes on tangents and laments about the injustices of the world in large words that perhaps many of the people there did not understand which leads to him being seen as impious and rejecting traditional Athenian values. In the beginning of his trial Socrates talks about how he had never been to court in his more than seventy years of life, and that because he wasn’t accustomed to their language he would talk in the language he had learned, in other words he would talk eloquently with large words that many people wouldn’t understand if they were not highly educated. He continues on to talk about wisdom and how other see him as one of the wisest men, but he travels to people that have perfected their craft and claim to be wise in a broad array of subjects when in reality they are not wise. This seems to promote his own arrogance by saying that because he knows he doesn’t know everything he is wise. To the audience I think this does as well because he is already on trial for impiety and destruction of the youth, yet he still continues to promote his wisdom and how much better he is than everyone through his teachings and his thoughts which is the opposite of what people that…

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  • Damon And Pythias Analysis

    Between “Damon and Pythias” and “Two Friends”, I believe that “Two Friends” presented friendship more realistically. The fact that “Damon Pythias” is a Greek legend, meaning that it’s an exaggerated story, makes its presentation of friendship a lot less realistic. On the other hand, “Two Friends” presented friendship more realistically since the author left a lot of hints, which foreshadowed the developments of the story. For example, it may seem unrealistic that M. Sauvage and M. Morissot went…

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  • Compare And Contrast Damon And Pythias

    happened in the story. I thought the story “Damon and Pythias” didn’t show a realistic approach to friendship because of how Damon didn’t hesitate and trusted his life to Pythias. Although it’s nice that they deeply care for each other, the part where they would die for each other was too exaggerated. In “Two Friends”, the way Morissot and Sauvage act around each other shows that they’re good friends. “Often they spent half a day side by side…Inevitably they had struck up a friendship.”…

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  • The Importance Of Improving The Quality Of Life In Short Stories

    Throughout multiple short stories, various characters take extreme risks in order to improve their quality of living. The short stories “Contents of the Dead Man’s Pocket” by Finney, and “Two Friends” by Maupassant, “Story of Damon and Pythias” by anonymous, best display how the main characters take gambles in order to obtain their desired life. One should take risks in order to improve their quality of life. A quality life was not determined by a little piece of yellow paper. In the short…

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  • Analysis Of Pillar 'Know Thyself'

    Her parting words to the visitors were always “Know Thyself”. The stone still is at the site waiting to be discovered as the parting message of the Pythia for anyone who heads to Greece to see the inscription. This was a powerful piece of advice, that was also later recalled by Socrates, the worlds earliest philosopher as he said before his passing, “Know Thyself, for in that measure lies the truth of man and your fate.” Many men and women came across the world searching in ancient times for…

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  • The Philosopher: The Life And Work Of Aristotle

    teacher’s forms of theory. Aristotle scrutinized and rejected Plato’s forms of theory believing that the two separate realms failed to explain what they were arguing for. This is one of the reasons some believe that Aristotle did not come to be Plato’s successor; the clashing of views being the reason why. Aristotle’s excellence would have presumed him to be an appropriate successor to Plato, but Speusippus, Plato’s nephew, was elected for the part. After Plato’s death in 347 B.C.E., at the…

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  • Omphalos Of Delphi

    Delphi was known as the naval of the world. It is the ancient sanctuary where the Oracle or Pythia gave her prophecies. The oracle sat on a tripod and breathed in the vapors that came from deep within the Earth. She would then go into a trance and answer questions from kings to peasants. We started the tour at the Delphi museum. We saw many of the artifacts that were found during excavations. They were brought into the museums to prevent further damage and to protect them. There are two main…

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  • Apollo's Aeschylus Attitudes Towards Women

    (Rant warning: I spent the day talking about Mormon fundamentalism with my US Politics & Religion class and how a “woman’s purpose” was to bear children. So, this was a wild ride full of frustration.) The tone that Aeschylus uses towards women was not unexpected, but I still was not ready for Orestes and Apollo to be so direct with their misogyny. When Pythia, the priestess of Apollo, opens the first scene, she immediately honors three powerful females: Gaia, Themis, and Phoebe. Delphi was a…

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  • Achilles And Beowulf Comparison Essay

    For example, they both slaughtered all of the enemies that came in front of them. They also both did things like take trophies when they won wars so that people feared them, like hanging an enemy’s body up for display. III: One way they are different One major way they were different is their claim to fame or rather not. Beowulf is very selfish, seeking fame all of the time. In contrast, Achilles is famous, he is from birth the Prince of Pythia. However, despite his title he is very…

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  • Apollo Greek God Essay

    The land, for the temple, was rectangular with dimensions of 123 x 183 meters. Upon approaching the temple you would enter from the east side of the building and the seat of the Pythia would be located at the west end of the building. The first temple of Apollo was built roughly in the 7th century BCE by two architects named Trophonios and Agamedes. This version however would not last, it was rebuilt in the 6th century after a fire ruined the original. The temple itself underwent three…

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