Pillar No3 Case Study

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Pillar No1: Understanding the self:
This is the path to ensuring that you know your own strengths and weaknesses and the actions that need to be taken to grow.
Pillar No2: Wisdom comes out of struggling
“For each challenge in your life presents an opportunity for self-transformation.”
Pillar No3: The study of enlightening literature
The continuous process of providing an individual with spiritually empowering literature is key when it comes to the process of transformation just like the body that needs to be supplied with nutrients for its growth so does the inner person.
Pillar No4: Self-Discipline a powerful tool
Pillar No5: Looking inwards
“Some people spend their whole lives seeking heaven in the outer world when all they needed to do was look inwards and embrace that which was already there.”
Pillar No6: Using your thoughts to create your life
One of the strangest things most people do not realize is how much control they have in the events that take place throughout their life. They have built a belief system around them that constantly reminds them of how they do not have control of the over their personal life. Understanding the belief that your thoughts create your life can have a profound and transforming effect upon the individual that comes to this place of awareness.
Pillar No7: Meditation
Meditation is the work on the development of your consciousness which is a key fundamental in the process of developing new thought patterns or what I could

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