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  • Qantas House History

    Qantas House is one of an iconic building of Post-War International Style in Sydney. This masterpiece was designed in 1950, and completed in 1957, by an architect called Felix Tavener of Rudder Littlemore & Rudder, Architects. According to NSW Environment & Heritage, Qantas House is a representative building of the latest technology and urbanised design in Sydney which also showed the ‘moderate’ transitional aspects of 1930s European modernism. It is also a main defining urban space of Chifley Square2. This building is located at the conjunction of 68-96 Hunter Street in Sydney and Phillip Street, and Elizabeth Street (as shown in Figure 1). It is historically significant as the first headquarter of Qantas Airway, at the time Australia’s only,…

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  • Qantas Case Study Essay

    CACQ Qantas is the world’s second oldest airline, and this is due to the four hubs located in Sydney, 2 Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth. Qantas does use other hubs with Jet Transport Express, Jetstar, and their domestic Australian joint ventures. In 2014, Sydney was ranked number one with the worst congestion and service for passenger experience (AFR, 2014). The Australian Consumer Commission stated that the country needs to invest more money to resolve the ongoing issue with…

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  • Qantas Airlines Management Strategy

    Management Strategy at Qantas Airlines Qantas Airlines was started in 1919 by two former Australian Corps Officers, Paul McGinness and W. Hudson Fysh with two aircraft that they had obtained from Mascot Aerodrome in Sydney. The two officers were inspired by the assignment they had been given by the Australian Defense Department to survey an air race from Longreach in Queensland to Katherine in the Northern Territory (Guthrie, 2013). The duo used a Model-T Ford to travel through the stretch of…

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  • Flying High And Low Summary

    Lansbury’s article, “Flying high and low? Strategic choice and employment relations in Qantas and Jetstar.” Asia Pacific Journal of Human Resources (2013) 51, pp.437–453. Examining Sarina and Lansbury’s (2013) article on the two airline Qantas and Jetstar, it is seen that the conducted study concerns the strategic choices that the airlines adopted in relation to the changing factors that affected the aviation industry. This research aims to explore and unfold the different changes in…

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  • Kangaroo Route Case Study

    Young and I were responsible for the Asian market. In terms of the Kangaroo route, we connected the flights from Singapore to Europe, Australia, and other Asian regions. First and for most, we had set our home base in Singapore; simply because Singapore airport is the second busiest international passenger airport. In addition, the geographic location is in the middle of Indian ocean and South China sea. In other word, it is closer to Australia. Hence, the routes we in charged included Singapore…

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  • Impact Of Biometric Technology In Singapore Airlines

    It is easy to say that Singapore Airlines has grown to develop as the renowned leader of creativity and innovation within the airline industry and has continuously overtaken other competitive airlines in the industry for many years. This can be fourthly expressed by looking at the fact that Singaporean Airlines has not suffered a loss on annual records since the company was founded in the 70’s. The accomplishments and achievements of Singapore Airlines is formed the company’s skill to innovate…

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  • Management Challenges Of Singapore Airlines

    Business And Management Challenges Report by Kim Donggue 1. Profile of Singapore Airlines Singapore Airlines, or SIA, is the national airliner of Singapore which established on the year of 1972. With its home being located at Changi International Airport, according to their website, it currently has direct flight services to more than 60 destinations, 30 different countries worldwide. Singapore Airlines has Scoot, Tigerair and SilkAir as their subsidiaries. Current C.E.O. of Singapore Airlines…

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  • Case Study Of Etihad Airways

    o The location of the airline is an advantage since its geographical location is in the UAE, which is considered one of the countries that act as a “crossroad between east and west”. o The airline company has a lot of internationally recognized sponsorships; this provides good branding and visibility. Example: Etihad Airways is the sponsor of Manchester City F.C. and has won many awards such as World’s Leading Airline in 2016. ("Etihad Airways", 2017) o Etihad Airways is considered as a…

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  • Singapore Airline Case Study

    1.0 Question 1 Singapore Airline (SIA) is a well-known airline for its excellent services and also the product quality they offer to the customer (Kossmann, 2006). Two theories will be used which are Drucker’s seven tasks of tomorrow’s manager and the cultural web in order to relate how SIA is a world class provider. 1.1 Drucker’s Seven Task Tomorrow’s Manager SIA targets to serve the best product for its passenger, plus the best customer service they can provide. Thus, to achieve their…

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  • Indigo Airlines Case Study

    INTRODUCTION: India is one of the developing countries in the world. Aviation in India is one of the major economic factors, and aviation industry is enormously growing day by day. Many airlines operate their functions and services in India among them IndiGo is one the best developing carrier which provides it services on-time based and is very particular with its timing and services. IndiGo is a low cost carrier providing low fares and on-time performance. It provides various services with…

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