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  • Traditional Chinese Medicine: A Cultural Analysis

    In terms of pregnancy and labor, there are many modalities used to aid the pregnant woman in relaxation and pain relief. Some different techniques used include acupuncture, massage, and herbs to either increase Qi or help Qi flow throughout the body. Qi, a very central concept in TCM, translates to energy. “Qi represents an invisible flow of energy that circulates through plants, animals, and people, … it is what maintains physiologic functions and the health and well-being of the individual” (Fontaine 51). There are several types of qi, but the main concepts to understand is that should qi flow become obstructed, there is an imbalance and “can cause problems ranging from social difficulties to illness” (Fontaine 51). The modalities of TCM work in “enhancing or correcting the flow of qi (Ody, 2011)” (Fontaine 51). The physiological mode includes the oxygenation component, which is…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Conventional Medicine

    Clinic, 2015). Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) evolved many thousand of years ago in China. TCM practitioners use various treatments to treat or prevent health problems. In the U.S., Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is considered part of the CAM (NCCIH, 2013). Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) encompasses various types of treatment from acupuncture to herbal medicine. However, the most common approach used in the U.S. are acupuncture and tai chi. According to the 2007 study, "an…

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  • Five Note Guidance Theory

    physical body keeps growing without bounds. The other part of the relationship is our intangible energy body. The energy body has an anatomy consisting of Qi energy. The Qi energy body exists in totality, but flows along what in Chinese medicine are called the meridians. The tangible physical body and the intangible energy body have a Yin and Yang relationship. Whatever effects the physical body has are balanced by an equal change in the energy body. If there is a change in the energy body, then…

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  • Traditional Chinese Medicine

    Every society has different views concerning the body, cause of disease, and healing. The way people in a society view themselves and healing will affect treatments. The diversity of healing cultures around the world can largely be attributed to the isolation many societies used to have. The concept of globalization is relatively new and has led to many places combining age-old healing traditions with the new. A great example of this is Chinese traditional medicine and its belief that illnesses…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Informatic Cancer

    both the improvements in cancer treatment, but also how much more there is to be done. While my research might help advance understanding of cancer, I also wish to ease the suffering of cancer patients in an immediate manner. As a physician, I could alleviate the pain they have to endure, use my knowledge to help them achieve remission and perhaps even develop new treatment options. Having spent my early years in China, I grew up with both Western medicine that my parents practiced and…

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  • Feng Shui Research Paper

    Feng Shui is a practice derived from the Chinese and has been practiced for thousands of years. The term Feng means wind Shui means water. In fact, it was developed over a 4,000-year period because the Chinese people wanted a principle to ensure their homes and especially their tombs (“What is Feng Shui?”). In Chinese culture wind and water represent good health. Therefore, Feng Shui is a process by which one arranges his or her environment in order to allow positive energy or “chi” to flow…

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  • Undoing The Body Summary

    1. The first vital principle is; Undoing the Body. Undoing the Body talks about “relaxation”, and cleaning the body of the past. The tensions held from the past are held inside the joints and muscles, and over time the body accumulates the emotional and physical stress that is stored inside the joints. When the body does store negative energy over time, many people do not realize the feeling of tension. If wanting to get rid of this tension, you would want to start in whatever position you feel…

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  • Professor Cheng Man Ching Analysis

    Professor Cheng Man Ching says “ Follow the three treasures, and you do not have to worry about your practice being true.” (54) The three treasures are, the point on the top of the head, the bubbling well, and the TanTian. Professor Ching talks about the importance of these treasures. He say that we can deepen our practice by following the first principle of Tai Chi which is relaxing, and using the three treasures properly in the practice Tai Chi. From my own experience, I found that it is…

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  • Basic Concept Of Qi

    Basic concept of Qi Qi (氣), in Chinese, refers to all gaseous substances that make up the universe. Externally, it forms the air and gases in the atmosphere. Internally, Qi is regarded as the energy stored in human body. The concept of Qi can be traced back to the Ancient Chinese Philosophy, in which people held the belief that Qi is the fundamental life force of everything; it forms all matters in the universe and ranges from external environment to the internal energy stored inside the body.…

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  • The Five Functions Of Qi

    Functions of Qi There are five functions of Qi. First, Qi brings about a propelling effect. Not only it provides energy for growth and development of human body, it is responsible for the normal functioning of internal organs and meridians. In addition, it promotes the formation and circulation of blood and body fluid within the body. Secondly, Qi provides warmth to the body. The heat energy of Qi warms up the body for carrying out metabolic activities. A lack of Qi would therefore result in a…

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