Argumentative Essay On Informatic Cancer

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My grandfather, who I was very close to, passed away from lung cancer. Watching his struggle with the disease started a lifelong desire to help cure cancer. My grandfather 's tumor was inoperable. Chemotherapy and radiation, meant to save him, only made him sicker and weaker. My family and I could only watch while he was constantly in pain. As part of my volunteering at the pediatric department, I played with pediatric cancer patients who had to stay in the hospital long-term and talked to parents struggling to balance work and spending time with their children. I saw firsthand the devastating effect cancer has, not only on the patient but their family. Cancer can occur in anyone and in any part of the body. I couldn 't help my grandfather, …show more content…
Inevitably, there would be disagreements. Every month, I invite an outside speaker to give a talk. My committee members would offer suggestions on whom to invite, but many get frustrated when their speaker isn 't chosen. As a solution, I asked each member to give a presentation on their speaker of choice at the General Meeting and explain why they feel the speaker is best suited for our topic of the month. To ensure the process was fair and democratic, I then ask everyone in the chapter to vote and choose the speaker. For the student forums we host, some members wanted to hold the Q&A session in the auditorium after speakers give their presentations while others prefer each speaker hold separate sessions in small conference rooms. Both sides believe their proposal is better and refused to even work with each other. As a compromise, I suggested dividing the Q&A session into two parts. Right after the presentations, all speakers will hold a joint panel discussion in the auditorium. Then the speakers will move to conference rooms where interested students can ask individual speaker follow up questions. The speakers and students all told us after the forum how much they enjoyed both segments of Q&A. As a leader, it was my responsibility to resolve conflicts. Using some creative solutions, I was able to ensure that my committee members work

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