My Interest In Medicine And The Joint Admission Medical Program

Personal Statement
What aspirations, experiences, or relationships have motivated you to pursue the study of medicine and the Joint Admission Medical Program? Please explain why or how. * (5000 characters)
My interest in medicine sparked when I was an adolescent being cared for by my pediatrician, Dr. Gonzalez. As a kid, I consistently had shortness of breath and wheezing during sports competitions. As a result, Dr. Gonzalez diagnosed me with asthma and prescribed an inhaler and nebulizer to prevent complications. I am grateful for Dr. Gonzalez’s medical knowledge and advice because I was able to enjoy success as an athlete. Without Dr. Gonzalez’s medical assistance, I would not have been able to play sports, which taught me about discipline,
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Diagnosed with Leukemia, my friend, classmate, and teammate battled strongly for three years and passed away. Seeing my colleague go through this adversity was sad for me, and it motivated me to find a way to serve others. My friend’s battle is something I look at and say, what if it had been me. I appreciate everything I have and want to assist people like my friend, because I have no idea what kind of pain they go through every day. This is tragedy made me realize that the way I can make a significant difference is by understanding medicine better. As a result, I decided that shadowing would be a terrific …show more content…
As a member of Health Occupations Students of America, I competed in dental terminology in the interest of diversifying my knowledge of the medical field and made it to state-level competition. I also joined a rigorous Pharmacy Technician Certification class and interned at CVS, an experience that taught me to work fast and in an organized fashion, be social with colleagues and customers, and teamwork skills such as assisting a customer or answering phone calls for co-workers. These responsibilities taught me to make use of time and be more social. This environment was amazing to me because I had always wanted to understand how a pharmacy is managed. In the end, I passed the state exam to become a certified Pharmacy

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