Leukemia Persuasive Speech

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Imagine stepping into the doctor’s office because your assumed “flu” symptoms weren’t subsiding and leaving after a professional in a white coat gives you life-changing news. You have leukemia. Your world, once fair and upright, seems to come crashing down. You are scared. You know leukemia is a horrible disease that affects millions but you’re not quite sure what it entails or the treatments available to you. Leukemia is a sad consequence of life that affects many but there are options available to patients. Medicine has made immense progressions in recent years due to new findings and technology. One of these innovations includes stem cells which have been a major breakthrough in medicine due to their ability to replace unhealthy cells with …show more content…
In an autologous stem cell transplant, stem cells are collected from the patient’s blood. This blood is then harvested and frozen until after the patient completes the first stage which is chemotherapy or radiation therapy. This has to be done before these treatments because chemotherapy and radiation therapy destroy all cells including the healthy ones. After the cancerous cells are gone, the stem cells originally taken from the patient are put back into their body to regenerate new cells. ("Stem Cell Transplantation for …show more content…
Elizabeth Svoboda even goes as far as to say that stem cells are “the most promising advancement to medicine since antibiotics” in her article “The Essential Guide to Stem Cells.” More than 30,000 patients have turned to stem cell based therapy in the last three years. (Svoboda, Elizabeth) The usage of stem cells in medicine has advanced leukemia treatment and it will continue to do so. Finding out you have leukemia is a life-changing discovery. Just remember that there are treatments out there and that stem cell therapy has been used and proven to cure patients in many cases. This innovation in medicine is one that has forever changed leukemia

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