Pharmacist Interview

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For this project I interviewed 3 people who work in the pharmaceutical industry. I interviewed a clinical pharmacist, and a retail pharmacist. During my interviews I was able to gain insight into my future career. I was also able to ask questions that I have never knew who to ask. This interview also helped me learn more about what interests me in the field of pharmacy. I learned that I am interested in working as a clinical pharmacist and specializing in pediatric care. I have always enjoyed working with kids and being a pediatric pharmacist will combine both of my interests. I first interviewed at Gina Hajib who is a retail pharmacist at Hometown Pharmacy. She has been practicing pharmacy for 18 years. She enjoys working with patients …show more content…
This was a main difference I noticed. A retail pharmacist works more independently and is not consulted as often. A clinical pharmacist in a hospital setting works as part of a team. I prefer working in a group so being a clinical pharmacist would be my first choice. It takes a longer time to meet requirements for a clinical pharmacist position so I can start off in retail and gain experience. The answers of both interviewees were relatively similar and both had a passion for caring and helping others. This helped reassure me that working as a pharmacist is a rewarding job that will allow me to feel successful each …show more content…
I now have a better understanding on a pharmacist’s role and the environments where they work. I also learned how important customer service is when working in a pharmacy. This information has helped me focus on becoming a pharmacist and eventually working in a clinical setting. After my interviews I learned a few changes that can help me improve myself and help me prepare for a career in pharmacy. I first need to get a job as a pharmacy tech that I can do while at school. Next, I need to network with pharmacists and gain internships especially in a hospital setting. This will help me improve myself and learn more about pharmacy. These steps will help me the most to prepare to be a pharmacist.
The job described by the interviewees is what I want for my future. I want to leave work each day knowing that I helped others. I will do this by sharing my knowledge and counseling patients. A pharmacist also must be friendly and helpful which I am. This job fulfills what I am looking for in a career. The skills that I hope to use are my people skills which I will use when communicating with patients as well as my knowledge. I am excited to be a pharmacist and hope that my career will be as successful as Gina and Diane’s. I learned from them how they succeed and need to take their advice and apply it to help me

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