Benefits Of Pursuing A Career In Pharmacy

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As I sat anxiously in my desk the last day of high school, I felt compelled and overwhelmed to decide what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I knew I wanted to pursue a career in healthcare because of my mother, who was a registered nurse. Witnessing the love and care my mother had for every patient even when she was not on the clock really inspired the drive for me to impact the lives of others just as I saw her do. Although after I shadowed one of my mother’s colleagues, I knew I could not handle the gory aspects that are associated with most healthcare professions; however, this shadowing experience led me to discover my initial desire to help others and make a difference. I owe my foremost interest in pursuing a career in pharmacy to my paternal grandparents. Six months ago, both of my grandparents were diagnosed with cancer. I was given the opportunity to take my grandparents to chemotherapy at the cancer center. I got to witness how the doctors and pharmacists worked in collaboration to help ensure my grandparents’ success in overcoming this dreadful disease. As we waited to begin chemotherapy, I was able to observe the pharmacist prepare the chemotherapy treatment under the hood for each individual patient. I also got to witness how the pharmacist met with my grandparents in the examination room to discuss exactly what the pharmacists were mixing into their …show more content…
My undergraduate studies have been very challenging, but I was able to keep my determination and strong work ethic to tackle any challenge tossed my way. I specifically have enjoyed my chemistry courses, and I look forward to my future courses that deal with this subject. I think that I will make a good pharmacy student because of my quest for success and eagerness to

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