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  • Pharmacist Interview

    For this project I interviewed 3 people who work in the pharmaceutical industry. I interviewed a clinical pharmacist, and a retail pharmacist. During my interviews I was able to gain insight into my future career. I was also able to ask questions that I have never knew who to ask. This interview also helped me learn more about what interests me in the field of pharmacy. I learned that I am interested in working as a clinical pharmacist and specializing in pediatric care. I have always enjoyed working with kids and being a pediatric pharmacist will combine both of my interests. I first interviewed at Gina Hajib who is a retail pharmacist at Hometown Pharmacy. She has been practicing pharmacy for 18 years. She enjoys working with patients…

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  • The Importance Of Pharmacist

    day I walked to the drop-off window of my nearest CVS pharmacy. People will always ask me why I have so well defined to be a pharmacist or why would I choose a pharmacy profession over many others options. That would be the easiest question I’d find in my PCAT exam! Pharmacist is the best career option for me because it 's considered as a respected profession, it has a wide availability of online resources, and it gives the…

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  • A Career As A Pharmacist

    1. Nature of Work (What you do): From what I have learned pharmacists do several things. One they fulfill prescription requests that physicians give to their patients. Two, by fulfilling the prescriptions they are distributing drugs/medicine that is not over the counter. Three, certain pharmacists specialize in pharmaceutical research and/or marketing and sales of certain medicines. 2. Working Conditions (Where and how you do the work): I would be working at a pharmacy. Pharmacy’s typically…

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  • Pharmacist Autobiography

    In high school, I took as many science classes as the school offered. Knowing that I loved the sciences, I visited with my high school counselor about my future. She suggested that I look into pharmacy because her husband was a pharmacist and she thought it would suit me. Although I had not previously considered it, and after further research, I knew immediately that pharmacy was what I wanted to do. Once I knew decided on pharmacy as a career, my decision to attend South Dakota State…

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  • Pharmacist Personal Statement

    As a recently qualified pharmacist, with a 2:1 honours degree in pharmacy from the University of Portsmouth, I am keen to establish a career in hospital pharmacy. Looking to secure a position in hospital pharmacy, where I can Achieving first place in the McNeil competition (Portsmouth university round) affirms my ability to communicate appropriate, emphatically and efficiently to patients. The McNeil competition was assessed on a persons ' ability to successfully counsel a patient, this involved…

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  • Community Pharmacist Reflection

    On October 13th, I shadowed pharmacist, Dr. Diana Tow at a Walmart Super Center in Fort Worth, Texas. My shadowing began early that morning and ended around noon. This was my first time behind the pharmacy viewing a practicing community pharmacist. Many of her tasks for the day included immunizations, reviewing medications orders, counseling patients, and when orders became backed up she aided the pharmacy technician when available. There was an audit that day for immunization from the…

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  • A Career To Becoming A Pharmacist

    my mother told me about an incidence that happened to me as a child which unknowingly to her helped me make the decision to be a pharmacist as early as in my elementary years. According to my mother, when I was about two years I swallowed valium tablets that I found lying around in the house. I started acting Irrationally, laughing uncontrollably and not able to sleep this landed me in the emergency room once they discovered what I had done. Somehow this story stuck to my brain and I could not…

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  • Pharmacist Admissions Essay

    them to their doctor appointments for examinations and to pharmacies to pick up their medications. From the beginning it was fascinating to me how these drugs are helping my parents live longer and healthier lives. At first I was only interested in the biochemical and physiological effects drugs had on the human body. I began to have aspirations to become a pharmacist after an incident that occurred five years ago. I remember I was waiting with my mother for hours at the…

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  • Pharmacist Research Paper

    and role of Pharmacist in as one of Health Care Team in different proffession. In last few years pharmacists roles have expanded and differ from packaging and dispensing medications to help and work with other health care professionals and the people. The profession and responsibilities of pharmacy changed from technical job, sailing products, gave advices to patients and help them. Also, health care give information and professional services. This shift, generally referred to as…

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  • The Pharmacist Research Paper

    The existence of the pharmacists is to serve the society. As we know, the pharmacist is the most important profession in the health team care. The pharmacist is the only expert on drugs. Over the past 40 years, the pharmacist 's role has changed from compounding and dispensing medicines to one of "Drug Therapy Manager". The pharmacy profession developed nowadays and moved towards a patient-centered practice. This…

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