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  • Pharmaceutical Drug Prices

    The regulation of pharmaceutical drug costs should take precedence in the United States Government due to the issue that prices are becoming too unbearable for the working class and low class citizens to afford. Many families are now having to decide whether or not to continue buying into these lifesaving medicines, or use their money for other basic needs, risking their health. An issue that sparked this need for regulation was Martin Shkreli raising the price of Daraprim, which is used to treat a life-threatening condition called toxoplasmosis caused by a parasitic infection. Daraprim was originally sold for $18 a pill and was increased to $750 a pill overnight. “He said that with the new profits, the company could invest in researching a…

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  • What Is Pharmaceutical Drug Abuse In Canada

    purpose of this essay is to analyze pharmaceutical drug abuse within the United States and Canada. For the reason that I am unaware of the ‘war on drugs’ within Canada and want to find similarities and differences within statistics of pharmaceutical drug abusers within each nation. What is pharmaceutical drug abuse? It is when you ‘abuse’ a medication that was received from a legal doctor, essentially misusing it for other purposes such as reducing side effects from another drug, getting high…

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  • Pharmaceutical Drugs Effects

    The Effects of Pharmaceutical Drugs on Pregnancies Do the benefits outweigh the risks that affect both mother and child? Word Count: Effects of Pharmaceutical Drugs on Pregnancies Pharmaceutical drugs are defined as drugs prescribed by a doctor or bought over-the-counter(OTC) for medicinal purposes. In relation to pregnancies, prescription and OTC drugs can affect them in both positive and negative ways. They have helped women maintain health conditions and aid in…

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  • Why Do Pharmaceutical Companies Use Prescription Drugs Ethical?

    of talk recently in the news about how money spent on prescription drugs has increased 3% in 2013, which results to about $329.2 billion. Those are astonishing numbers, now if you take that number and you divide it by how many people live in the US, that works out to be about $1,000 per person spent on prescription drugs. Since doctors hold the key in prescribing drugs, some doctors are prescribing certain drugs that pharmaceutical companies are requesting them to prescribe even thought that…

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  • The Effects Of Pharmaceutical Drugs On Pregnant Women

    Pharmaceutical drugs are defined as drugs prescribed by a doctor or bought over-the-counter (OTC) for medicinal purposes. In relation to pregnancies, prescription and OTC drugs can affect pregnant women and their child in positive and negative ways. These pharmaceutical drugs have helped women maintain health conditions and aid in overcoming the discomforts a pregnancy brings, yet have the potential to cause harm to the fetus. Studies have been rather limited in both their research and results,…

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  • Pharmaceutical Drug Testing

    advantage that the homeless have nothing left to lose. Pharmaceutical companies especially, as they create drugs for a medical purpose, need to test for any extreme side effects and the validity in terms of healing sicknesses. There are clinical trials that volunteers sign up for knowing there is an incentive involved in a form of money. These volunteers give written consent, get interviewed to determine eligibility, and then experimented on. On the other…

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  • Environmental Pollution In Nursing

    Pharmaceutical waste creates mass quantities of environmental pollution, and is quickly becoming one of the world’s largest pollution concerns. With the incredible advancements in medicine and pharmaceutical development, the concern for proper disposal of these medications has been largely ignored. Increasing education and public awareness on the subject are two great ways to begin spreading awareness concerning pharmaceutical environmental pollution. Unbeknownst to most people, nurses play a…

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  • Homeopathic Medicine Pros And Cons

    fact that modern is not always magnificent. Just because a doctor prescribes a patient a drug, this does not mean that the patient should become ignorant to any alternative possibilities and just simply take the drug. Many lab produced, chemical, pharmaceuticals can be avoided by simply eating better, a lifestyle change,…

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  • Pharmacy Personal Statement

    Pharmacy is a branch of health-care system which deals with the medicines, its dosage, drug delivery system, its effects on human body, and drug interactions. Pharmacy is a combination of chemical science and health science which ensures the effective and safe use of the medications. Since my childhood, my curiosity was developed in the field of medicinal science, which developed a keen interest to know mechanism of drugs on human body. During the course of my previous education, I was…

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  • Medical Marijuana Debate Essay

    helps patients with illnesses instead of pharmaceutical drugs helping the patients die quicker. As we know the cost of pharmaceutical drugs are going up in price by the minute, but there have been some studies that Marijuana is helping more patients and its less cost effective then medicine. We know that many people are against marijuana drug, and we have a lot of politicians that are fighting that this drug to be more harmful then good for patients. Many States are starting to follow Colorado…

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