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  • Pros And Cons Of Direct-To-Consumer Drug Advertising

    their illnesses. All drugs are used for the prevention of some disease or to heal, sometimes it used as a judgment of disease and to improve physical or mental well-being of patients. It surprises me that the purpose of the ads and the goals of doctors in prescribing the medicine are out of sync. The doctor, apparently, wants to cure or make the patient feel good/OK. The drug company wants to increase revenue. The Direct-to-consumer drug advertising is used to advertise drugs, is this ethical?…

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  • Negative Effects Of Medical Technology

    of human lives. According to Healthcare news & Insights (2014), technology forms a crucial aspect in every industry as well as in our particular lives, which help to save many lives around the world . Medical technologies such as biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and medical devices have become the world in a place with more opportunities. Furthermore, these medical technologies allow humans to perform incredible advances not only in the development of physical objects such as prostheses but also…

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  • Essential Oils Informative Speech

    internal use by many as part of a wellness regimen. I. Introduction A. Attention Getter: Since the beginning of time, plants have been used for the physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being of people. Today, some of the most advanced pharmacological drugs mimic naturally occurring compounds from plants. Universities around the world are paid to research, discover, and shed light on therapeutic properties of plants, both common and previously undiscovered. B. Overview of Main Points. 1.…

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  • Effective Drug Therapy In Children

    After researching certain organizations throughout the many roles within the pharmaceutical field, I had never realized all the options as a student that I have. Though I still do not know what I want to do as a pharmacist, I did find a couple professional organizations in which I would fit in well. In fact there is one in particular that I thoroughly enjoyed after researching about which is the pediatric pharmacy association also known as PPAG. Before doing this research I had never heard of…

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  • Pharmacology Personal Statement

    and herbal supplement that I had been taking simultaneously to a local owned pharmacy; and asked if there were any drug interactions. The help I received was tremendous. The encounter made me want to understand the mechanism of drugs and the way our bodies metabolize drugs. After I discovered my interest in pharmacology, I changed my major from Biological Sciences to Pharmaceutical sciences to help me better prepare for pharmacy school. I work in Dr. Michael Kleinman’s Environmental Toxicity…

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  • What Are The Dangers Of Animal Testing

    Every person in every community practically relies on the use of a variety of products to carry out their everyday lives and even survive on a daily basis. Many of these products obviously affect our health and physical condition in many ways but, requiring the testing of the product first ensures it functions properly before selling it to the public. This reasoning not only makes sure the product works, but also proves it as safe and non-threatening to human health. Fortunately, an alternative…

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  • Difference Between Mental Illness And Western Culture

    When it come to our lifestyles we somewhat reluctant but still we continue to buy over the courter prescriptions drugs just for a simple headache. We are to keep in mind that because of lack of exercise and healthy dieting would use any means necessary to buy a 40 dollar weight lost pill then to risk our intake of cholesterol or high fatty food. I think it all depend…

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  • Math In Medicine

    shows that they are quick to judge a topic that they might not be very educated on the specifics of. Mathematics not only helps medical research specialists when trying to find equations to new chemicals, but these same discoveries help create pharmaceutical drugs that could lead to curing certain ailments and illnesses around the U.S., and even the world. According to the Imperial College of London, “Medicine has become increasingly reliant on mathematics in recent years”, meaning that…

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  • Why I Want To Be A Pharmacist

    Working in the field of health care is the noblest vocation I can imagine, and that is the main reason I want to pursue a career in pharmacy. What can be better than devoting myself to the task of healing people and taking care of human life, the most important thing in the world? Pharmacist is one of the most wonderful and needed professions in the modern world that requires total devotion, responsibility, patience, and a lot of skills and knowledge. Everyone knows an expression "cures one…

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  • Disadvantages Of Herbal Medicine

    Herbal remedies are fast becoming popular even in our generation where everything seems to be governed by science. Herbal remedies or herbal medicine can be the first thing we try whenever we notice something wrong with our system, such as cough and colds. There are also times when we use herbs as our last resort, for example after we haven taken too many fat-burning pills. We also use different herbal remedies for more serious ailments from ulcer and kidney stones to reproductive problems and…

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