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  • Animal Testing Is Cruel And Inhumane

    used for determining the level of toxicity of medications and checking for the safety of medications for humans. (Should) What if there was a drug that could cure cancer and we did not know if it was safe for humans to take. As mankind we would want to test the new drug on something that has a similar genetic makeup to humans just to make sure that the drug is safe. I know that I do not want to put anything in my body that I do not know if it is safe or not. I would want it to be tested to see…

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  • The Great Dispensary In The Sky: Missionary Medicine: Analysis

    What I believe ties all these readings together is the connection between god and power and the Swahili concept of medicine or "Dawa," and the "wound" that the Swahili, Zulu, and Ugandan peoples ' sought to treat with godly medicine. This was especially apparent in the Curing their Ills chapter "The Great Dispensary in the Sky: Missionary Medicine." In all the readings, it is evident that medicine is associated with power, and healing is innately spiritual. It is most evident in the…

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  • Epipen: A Personal Narrative Analysis

    Consumers of pharmaceuticals are affected by a number of factors that can alter and dictated their cost. The EpiPen increased its price by about $500 from the year 2007 to 2016, without the price being influenced by shortages or inflation (Babcock). The change that occurred…

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  • Drug Pushing Case Study

    Drug Pushing: a Prescription Proposal from a Pharmaceutical Valencia Cave, Holly Costanzo, Sean McCart, Josh Mosholder Towson University Michael Kim is a pediatrician at a practice outside of Baltimore. Walking into his office one day, he sees a brand new golf clubs set against his desk. He remembered getting an email earlier that week from Apativ, a large pharmaceutical company. It was about a new drug, Paxaflora, which helps children with congestive heart failure. If given the drug, it would…

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  • American Medical Ethics

    1.1. Background: It is well known that pharmaceutical companies offer various gifts and incentives to physicians to prescribe their drugs. What are the advantages and positive aspects of this collaboration? And what are the negative aspects? Are the doctors really influenced? Does this influence affect prescribing proper drugs for patients? Can this interaction lead to a biased decision for therapy? In which limit are these interactions ethically and lawfully approved? Is receiving incentives…

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  • Generic Drugs Case Study

    Soaring price of generic drugs: Depriving consumers from better healthcare Generic drugs prices are rising exponentially with every passing year. Generic drugs are regarded as a boon to mankind not only because they are comparable to their brand counterparts in terms of quality, safety and efficacy but also because they are affordable by all the people irrespective of their financial class. A survey revealed that generic drugs have saved US patient’s 1.3 trillion dollar in past decade. But with…

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  • Case Study Praluent

    For patients with high cholesterol, Praluent, also known by its generic name, alirocumab, is the new FDA approved drug that is effective at improving liver function to lower bad cholesterol (Goldschmidt). Unlike other available medication in the market, Praluent is a completely new class of drug that enhance the lives of many individuals and provides an alternative method for treating cholesterol that will appeal to patients who do not see results from their current medication or experience…

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  • The Ethics Of The Pharmaceutical Industry

    The pharmaceutical industry can normally be seen as a positive thing because of the goods they produce. They yield medication aiding individuals escape the sick role, and fulfill their social roles. However, the way they operate does not stem for the good of the people, but rather to gain profit. To begin with, pharmaceutical companies are incapable of operating without medical experts like doctors, nurse practitioner, and so forth, because they hold the power to prescribe drugs (Oldani, 2004,…

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  • Drugs In Water Is Bad

    Did it ever occur to you that the same drug that it saving you could be harming another life? Well, studies have shown that the way we dispose of our medicine can be toxic, not only to ourselves, but to the marine life as well. When we throw our medicine down the drain, in the trash or the toilet, we are polluting the water and environment around us with chemicals that are harmful to the aquatic life. People assume that throwing their drugs in the trash is a good solution to this problem because…

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  • Overview Of Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder

    I am not a fan of the natural supplement when it comes to the treatment of ADHD. I feel that natural drugs are a waste of money, and it is no comparison to the pharmaceutical drugs that are prescribed to the…

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