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  • Human Pheromones

    between human pheromones which possibly influence aspects of sexual attraction. Many authors proposed and dedicated a large part their studies to explain pheromones in animals and confirmed after many studies that human pheromones also exist, and they explored the effects of that. Pheromones are substances that are released from the body and received by others from the same species. They can be detected by the olfactory system, although humans under developed and underrate their smell sense. Pheromones activate the vomeronasal organ (VNO), and different types and actions of pheromones have, been found body secretions,…

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  • Termite Experiment Essay

    search of food following pheromones, to mark a trail The termite food hunting process is similar to following an ink line because the termites are attracted to the ink. This scientific experiment will demonstrate termite’s behavior and also how they communicate to each other. The purpose of this experiment is to test to what line and color the termites are attracted to, and if the color of the line has an importance. Termites are small, soft bodied, usually pale-colored insects. These are…

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  • Marilyn Miglin Pheromones Essay

    Marilyn Miglin Pheromones & Colognes Review - Can We Rely on the Claims? Only Here! The influential roles and other benefits of pheromones in men and women cannot be overemphasized. Consequently, pheromones are known to alter the perception of how other people think and affect how we think about ourselves. The above fact will only be possible if one lay hand on the right pheromone perfume/cologne rather than the fake ones out there. To be in picture with evolutionary changes and further…

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  • Diemm Pheromone Perfume Research Paper

    Diemm Pheromone Perfume Review - Are The Effects As Claimed? Only Here! Pheromones are secreted and produced naturally. Greater populations of people who resort to the use of synthetic pheromones do that because they have been shown to cause opposite sex attraction of which sex is usually not exempted. A good number of synthetic pheromone brands in the internet claims the same benefits (opposite sex attraction, social response), yet the ingredients they contain and the concentration in them…

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  • Liquid Alchemy Labs Case Study

    Liquid Alchemy Labs Pheromones Review - How Effective are the Pheromones For Men To Attract Men? Find Out Here! Pheromones, for the sake of folks who do not know the actual meaning, are known to be tools for self improvement. That is, pheromone enhances people rather than changing them. Over the years, several manufacturers have evolved with varieties of pheromones and pheromone recipes on which many claims have been made. The quest, by folks, to attract one another and be attracted has…

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  • Gay Gene Persuasive Essay

    “Being gay is a choice” is a phrase that is often used by right-wing conservatives, but what if it isn’t so. Is it possible that the “gay gene” that causes humans to have same sex attraction exists in conjunction with pheromones? It is possible for there to be some genetic factor with pheromones that causes homosexuality at a minor scale compared to heterosexuality. Pheromones in humans have long been a mysterious concept with little evidence to prove, although it is present in other animals of…

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  • Tabu Search Case Study

    The first version of the meta-heuristic method inspired with ants behavior was proposed by Dorigo as an Ant System method (AS) in 1992 for solving of TSP problem with up to 75 cities \cite{dorigo1992,dorigo2010}. As AS didn't show up to be competitive with up to that time specific oriented algorithms designed for dealing with TSP, next years were devoted to development of better version, known today as ACO. Ant Colony Optimization uses artificial ants to construct solutions by incrementally…

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  • Tomistoma Crocodiles Essay

    The Tomistoma crocodile “estimate is less than 2500 mature individuals, with continuing decline of at least 25% within 5 years or two generations.”(TomistomaTomistomaschlegelii, Bezuijen). The crocodiles are becoming extremely vulnerable and unfortunately, they do not mate as much as they should. Because of this, our group believes that if we extract the pheromones of a male Tomistoma and place it around the enclosure then the other male crocodile will want to mate with the female because the…

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  • Drosophila Fruit Flies: Article Analysis

    This review article describes how the mating decision of Drosophila fruit flies is dependent of first the male’s choice to mate and then the female’s choice to accept or reject the male. The article simplifies the mating by the neurobiology behind the male’s choice and then the female’s choice. Furthermore, the article describes how males rely on chemical signals to detect suitable courtship objects and distinguish female flies from males. According to the article, males courtship is based on…

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  • The Importance Of Human Olfaction

    Newborn mammals such as gerbils, mice and others born into grouped societies, are able to differentiate between the smell of their mother’s milk and another female’s. A study done by Dr. Sara Gerling in 1982 was to prove this point. Dr. Sara did a study in which she removed the scent glands of pregnant, lactating gerbils. Once the gerbils had delivered there young, the pups eating habits were monitored. Her results showed that even though the mother’s scent glands had been removed, the pups…

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