Alternative medicine

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  • Alternative Medicine And Alternative Medicine

    Alternative medicine is any medical practice including health care products and therapies used and presumed to have therapeutic effects of medicine, but not scientifically proven. It means the use of non-mainstream method or traditional practices in place of conventional medicine. Some of these approaches include homeopathy, acupuncture, traditional Chinese medicine and Christian faith healing. Complementary medicine involves the use of alternative medicine together with conventional medicines. Such practices can be the use of aromatherapy after surgery to lessen patient’s discomfort. Complementary and alternative medicine Alternative medical practices are not scientifically proven but rely on personal beliefs or traditional cultural practices. The use of these approaches has grown significantly over the years and…

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  • Surgeries And Alternative Medicine

    conventional Western health care are known as alternative medicine. Acupuncture, Yoga, Homeopathy, and Herbalism are just a few of the practices that fall under the category of alternative medicine. Although complementary and alternative medicines are frequently rendered as the same thing, complementary methods are used coupled with conventional methods while alternative methods are used in place of conventional practices. Alternative types of medicines are used across the globe in many…

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  • Complementary And Alternative Medicine

    been a growing popularity in seeking alternative forms of treatment for health care. According to an article by Dr. Lesley Rees and Dr. Andrew Weil, from 1990-1997, the amount spent on alternative health care rose from $13 billion to $38 billion, and more people visited alternative physicians than did conventional physicians (Rees & Weil, 2001). This number is only expected to increase. Most consumers looking to alternative options for treatment do so in order to achieve results as naturally as…

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  • Alternative Medicine In Cameroon

    essay is aimed at looking at the extent to which the use of traditions, alternative medicine and cultural factors play a vital part on the successful implementation of global health programs (GHP) in Cameroon. “Traditional Medicine(TM)” according to (WHO, 2015) is attributed to knowledge, skills and practices established on theories, beliefs and experiences primitive people of various cultures use in maintaining good health, preventing health issues and treating physical and mental health…

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  • Essay On Alternative Medicine

    Alternative Medicine Although Alternative medicine is not a common source of health care, it has been proven to be an effective way to cure illnesses. The three most commonly used alternative medicines are Herbal Medicines, acupuncture, and Mind-body medicine. Before our modern medicine that we use today was invented, herbs were what cured many diseases and sicknesses. (Moore, Arden, and Bridget Doherty 2) Our ancestors thousands of years ago, did not know how the herbs they used worked. They…

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  • Advantages Of Alternative Medicine

    In healthcare, there are many forms of medical treatment options with the most popular being conventional, and alternative medicine. In spite of conventional medicine being the main stream option, the use of alternative medicine has grown in popularity throughout the years, with consumers seeking a more natural approach to medicine. However, critics argue that alternative therapies and treatment, lack medical research on safety and effectiveness. The issue at hand is in alternative medicine,…

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  • Dangers Of Alternative Medicine

    The Dangers of Alternative Medicine For as long as modern medicine has existed, people who do not trust in it have followed. Most have met someone of this sort, people who believe that doctors are dangerous and untrustworthy are everywhere. With the rise of social media, they try to convince the world that vaccines are dangerous and how we must use mystery herbs to cleanse our bodies of invisible toxins. This distrust in modern medicine puts oneself and others at risk in many ways. Of the…

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  • Complementary And Alternative Medicine

    Allopathic medicines have always been the types of treatment that many relied on, however, lately, the use of complementary and alternative medication has been on the rise. Complementary and alternative medicines, also known as CAMs are natural way like herbal teas, acupuncture, naturopathy and so forth, used to mend the human body of its problem like diseases or injuries (Warren et al., 2012, 326). Although the use of these remedies are revolutionary, many are at stake when it is in use. The…

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  • Medicine And Traditional Medicine: Complementary And Alternative Medicine

    Western medicine is leading health care system in the United States. However, there has been a growing interest for the use of complementary and alternative medicine together with traditional treatment (Ignatavicius, 2013). Complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) is not officially part of today’s U.S. traditional biomedical health system. There is emergent scientific research that supports some CAM therapies are as effective as conventional therapies. Integrative medicine combines therapies…

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  • The Importance Of Alternative Medicine

    or to eat when you could not eat regular solids. This routine can be an everyday example of alternative medicine and how it can affect society in progressing on without regular pharmaceutical remedies. Due to the freedom that America brings, people are free to do whatever they want, within some restrictions. One of the many ways that America allows it’s people to do within those restrictions is study medicine that helps the people get better in their overall health. In relation to the American…

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