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  • Alternative Rock History

    Alternative Rock Alternative rock came about in the late 1970s and early 1980s. It emerged from the independent music underground and became widely popular in the 1990s and 2000s. Actually, the word "alternative" refers to the genre's distinction from mainstream rock music. Alternative rock is a broad term consisting of music that differs greatly in terms of its sound, its social context, and its regional roots. The main type of guitar sounds in alternative rock music is the distorted guitar. Lyrics are generally nonchalant, with defiant attitude. The main instruments are vocals, electric guitar, bass guitar, drums, piano, keyboards, and synthesizers. There are many alternative rock bands, but I will only be discussing Nirvana, Pearl Jam,…

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  • Analysis Of Nevermind By Nirvana

    power internally to persuade its audience in a certain direction; music has been known for influencing change. A tune can give the listener the power to push through their assignment or the last mile of their run. Furthermore, there are many albums produced that have made their mark on past, present, and future societies. According to Friedlander in the text “Rock & Roll: A Social History,” there are two ways to experience music, on an emotional level and on an analytical level. The album I am…

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  • Alternative Music Vs Pop Culture

    Rock, jazz, country, hip hop, and gospel music all have their place in history. What they are, when they came to popularity, and what significance they hold can be found in common knowledge. There is one music genre, however, that cannot be so easily defined. This genre has rejected norms and surprised masses at every turn, yet many people do not hold an appreciation for it. This music, alternative rock, deserves much more than that. Those who put in countless years of dedication to this iconic…

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  • Pop Music Industry Research Paper

    Jaden Southworth 4 November 2016 We got the beat- Rock music through the ages The music industry is, and always has been, based purely off of supply, demand, and sales. It all began with the creation of sheet music; once music took a physical form, it was desired by rich aristocrats who paid for it in full. Then came the phonograph, a device invented by Thomas Edison that used phonographic disks to play recorded audio out loud. It was originally intended for the use of business documentation,…

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  • Rock Band Classification

    knew so many alternative rock bands were also considered hard rock bands. So many people around the world are major listeners of so many subgenres of rock music. I found that the most popular genres are alternative and hard rock. Personally my phone is full of music from both genres of rock. The two genres seem to be so different from one another to have so many of the same bands in them. A very popular rock back these days Avenged Sevenfold is under both classifications. I guess this must be…

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  • Rock Music And Deviant Behavior Essay

    Music is all around us, playing in shopping malls, on television, in elevators, and stored on our personal electronic devices. Music has the ability to change one’s mood to either positive or negative based on the genre and the lyrics a song. To determine if there is a correlation between music genres and deviant behavior, researchers Jeffery Lozon and Moshe Bensimon examines genres as alternative rock, hard rock, heavy metal, hip-hop/rap, punk rock, rock and electronic/techno to see if it…

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  • Kurt Cobain Influence

    You may heard of the band Nirvana or heard a song from the group that you probably never knew who it was if you weren 't much of an alternative rock and punk rock fan. But the man behind this is the one and only Kurt Cobain. Most people know him as “ The rock star who was a drug addict who committed suicide” But there 's more to his fascinating life, he is considered to be one of the best rock artists to ever step foot on earth. This is the life of one of the most iconic, prominent rock star to…

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  • There Is A Light That Never Goes Out Analysis

    released their third studio album which featured the song “There Is a Light That Never Goes Out”. The song was written by The Smiths’ lead singer Morrissey and guitarist Johnny Marr, featuring a variety of instruments, studio effects, and exemplifying an intimate tone. Since its release, the song has been covered by numerous artist as a symbol of their appreciation and influence from it. One artist in particular, Citizen, covered the song in 2012 and presented the same intimate tone through a…

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  • Jackson Sawmill Case Study

    into Jackson Sawmill for new plant and equipment, since it hasn’t been upgraded for twenty years. The alternative would be to reinvest and downsize by reducing production capacity and permanently laying off half of the 200 workforce and build a new mill in Alberta. To build the new plant would be more expensive but the president is also considering the fact that Jackson…

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  • Incarceration Advantages

    would benefit would be those individuals responsible for providing group treatment programs. As the overcrowding situation is lessened, there would be the opportunity for larger meeting spaces, hopefully resulting in a potential rise in group participation rates. If an alternative to incarceration proves viable, perhaps these services could be offered to those populations outside of the grounds of the prison and would help to give the individuals the social context in which to apply these…

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