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  • Vaccination

    This history of vaccinations started with the smallpox epidemic. After many attempts, a man name Edward Jenner made a vaccination that supposedly eradicated smallpox. Ever since that discovery, different vaccinations have been made for a wide variety of diseases. Immunizations, also known as vaccinations, work by injecting a minute dose of weakened bacteria or virus into the bloodstream in order to create immunity. Then, if a person is later infected by the same bacteria he or she should be protected from it. Currently there are no federal laws requiring certain vaccinations, but the state governments have the ability to mandate what is mandatory or not based on recommendations from federal and state agencies. Therefore, the vaccinations required…

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  • Pros Of Vaccination

    The most effective method of ensuring that parents get their children vaccinated is the requirement of an up-to-date immunization records before children can join or attend any public schooling institutions or licensed day care facilities. The problem with this however is that every state except Mississippi and West Virginia allows children to be exempted from vaccination for religious reasons. Vaccine-preventable diseases, such as whooping cough, diphtheria, hepatitis, measles, poliomyelitis,…

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  • What Is Vaccination?

    As human beings, we have benefited from vaccines for more than two centuries. Despite the many that have paved the way for effective vaccinations the question of, “is this really good for my child?” continues to be a dilemma among many of us. It is said that vaccinations have saved millions of children’s lives because as of the 20th century Rubella, Diphtheria, Smallpox, Polio, and Whooping Cough are all preventable as a result of vaccines. In the past few years, as the incidence of many…

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  • Vaccines And Vaccination

    Vaccine. A term heard often throughout one’s life. However, does one truly understand what a vaccine is, or does? It is these type of questions that create doubt amongst the public in regards to receiving vaccines, or immunizations, not only for themselves, but their families as well. The issue of enforcing mandatory vaccinations, or immunizations amongst the public has been both a healthcare, and government issue for many years. The issue in itself does not just narrow down to should we,…

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  • Essay On Vaccination

    All of the leading world health organizations attribute vaccination as one of the top public health achievements of the 20th century. The disease smallpox has been wiped out and polio is about to be eliminate. Millions of children’s lives have been saved from many serious diseases such as diphtheria, rubella, polio and whooping cough. All of these diseases are preventable by vaccination and adverse reactions to vaccines are extremely rare. The human life span has doubled since the 1800’s partly…

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  • The Dangers Of Vaccination

    Vaccination had been one of the greatest achievements of our era. Eliminating life threatening diseases and making the world a better, healthier place. Even though it comes with side effects it has been proven to save many lives. Although for many people, vaccination is a routinely event, some parents disagree with the method and do not want to get their child vaccinated. This is an ongoing issue whether or not parents should have to get their kids vaccinated. Even though many parents are under…

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  • Arguments For Vaccination

    Vaccinations for Youth Required Vaccinations One of the main arguments for the topic of vaccination is that it should be forced. There are a few main points for this argument, which include that crowd immunity is required in our society, it keeps our youth healthy, and that it does not cause many illnesses that anti-vaccination proponents argue for. One of the main points for this argument is one of crowd immunity. Crowd immunization is the phenomenon where when a majority of people in a…

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  • The Importance Of Vaccinations

    has shown us that diseases come and go and that many of them can be prevented. Vaccinations are supposed to be given to us as babies to do exactly that– to prevent. Vaccinations are meant to protect the future generations as well as today’s generations from harmful diseases. Some of the most common vaccinations are Measles, Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Meningococcal, Mumps, and many more. With every day, new information is found out and tested about all types of diseases. Today 's chemists do a lot…

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  • The Lack Of Vaccination

    Small children, grown adults, even the elderly, all of these people can be negatively affected by people not getting the proper vaccinations. Imagine a family member or a friend getting sick because of something that could have been prevented by an action as simple as getting a vaccination. Many of the diseases that can be prevented by vaccines lead to death. The problem with not getting vaccinations is potentially spreading malicious diseases that could have been controlled through preventative…

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  • Importance Of Vaccination

    It is important to have your child get the vaccination done to protect the future generation. There are many good effects to getting the vaccine it can save your child's life from bad diseases, it protects others you care about, vaccinations are very safe and affective and it can save your family time and money. The vaccine is meant for good things and it is meant for your child to avoid going through pain. It can help with anything in general it helps you by not going into the hospital because…

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