Polio vaccine

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  • Polio Vaccine Research Paper

    Polio Vaccine Polio Vaccine was found in 1953 by a doctor named Jonas Salk to cure the virus “Poliomyelitis”. Polio attacks the nerve cells and sometimes the central nervous system, causing muscle wasting, paralysis, and even death. Polio is caused by the poliovirus, a highly contagious virus specific to humans. The virus usually enters the environment in the feces of someone who is infected. From this outbreak, many people including children have suffered severe injuries. A 1916 polio epidemic in the United States killed 6,000 people and paralyzed 27,000 more. In the early 1950’s there were more than 25,000 cases of polio reported each year. Polio vaccination was begun in 1955. By 1960 the number of reported cases had dropped to about…

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  • How Did Jonas Salk Use The Polio Vaccine

    epidemic in the years between 1916 and 1952, which was the peak of the epidemic (Petersen). Polio, as it is more commonly known, caused a great deal of pain, fear, and heartache for these people. It did, however, lead Jonas Salk to create a vaccine that would change the developed world forever. Polio cause Salk to be able to use different methods and large tests to take a bounding leap in vaccine research. Polio is an infectious disease that is contracted by exposure to infected fecal matter as…

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  • The Polio Vaccine

    Poliovirus was one of the most deadly viruses in the world. 25 years ago, polio was a disease in 125 countries and paralyzed and killed up to 350,000 people. The body system that is affected most by polio is the central nervous system. The virus Poliovirus Poliovirus enters your body through the mouth, and then eventually makes its way into the blood and central nervous system, where it will affect nerve tissue where it causes paralysis and wasting of muscle tissue. The virus can be prevented…

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  • Polio Vaccine Analysis

    While five might still seem like a copious amount to few the five have been proven to be effective in the past and today. The five are; HepB, DTap, IPV, MMR, and Varicella. Each vaccine prevents viruses that America has had a struggle with in the past. The vaccine with quite possibly the most history would be IPV which was invented by Jonas Salk and prevents Polio. In the early 1950’s much of America feared the Polio virus as it caused detrimental damage to the body and handicapped many…

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  • Jonas E. Salk's Polio Vaccine

    first successful polio vaccine. With polio being such a large problem during Salk’s prime in the 1940’s and 1950’s, the vaccination made him a huge success story. Not only have Salk and his polio vaccine improved the lives of millions of American children and adults by freeing them of paralyzation, many fever-like symptoms, and even death, but they have also had…

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  • Three Different Types Of Polio Vaccine

    Polio Vaccination Carly Spencer Poliomyelitis Poliomyelitis otherwise known as “Polio” is an infectious viral disease that affects the nervous system and can cause “paralysis” (paralyzation) or death if left uncured. There are three different types of the disease - Paralytic, Nonparalytic and Sub-Clinical. Types of Polio Infections Paralytic - the rarest and most serious type of Polio - which is the highest chance to leading to full or partial paralysis. There are also three…

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  • Against Polio Vaccines

    Imagine a world where vaccines have never been invented. Such a world would be a frightening place. It would be riddled with disease and people reluctant to leave their homes for fear of being infected if they are exposed to disease. With the thousands of diseases out there, the world would quickly become a hospital without walls and boundaries as more of its population succumbed to disease. Thanks to vaccines, the world will hopefully never turn out like this. However, when parents choose not…

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  • Jonas Salk's Arguments Against The Polio Vaccine

    As stated by the Center of Disease Control, a vaccine is a product that promotes immunity therefore protecting the body from the disease and are administered through needle injections, by mouth, and by aerosol. Vaccines work by mimicking the effects of a disease or illness but not actually causing the disease or illness. The vaccine elicits a response from the body’s natural immune system; the body’s response is to fight the fight the “infection” and have natural antibodies against the pathogen…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Polio Vaccine

    What makes them mandatory is due to the amount of forign vistitor that bring various pathogens into the U.S. from their homes. For years, Polio was a mandatory immunization. So why would the Polio vaccination be mandatory if it’s not common in the United states. That is all because vaccines are what keep these dieases from even popping up in the country. Vacinations have prevented disease from even starting, and will continue to do so unless they were made a choice for parents to decide if their…

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  • Arguments Against Polio Vaccines

    medicine has afforded us many benefits. One of these is the ability to live life without the fear of many communicable diseases putting susceptible populations at risk. These are diseases that in the not so distant past had wide spread morbidity but today are nearly unknown due to vaccinations. When we start wondering what the purpose of vaccines are, it’s paramount to recall what they’re protecting us against and buying into the fearmongering surrounding them. In the United States, we have the…

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