Against Polio Vaccines

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Imagine a world where vaccines have never been invented. Such a world would be a frightening place. It would be riddled with disease and people reluctant to leave their homes for fear of being infected if they are exposed to disease. With the thousands of diseases out there, the world would quickly become a hospital without walls and boundaries as more of its population succumbed to disease. Thanks to vaccines, the world will hopefully never turn out like this. However, when parents choose not to vaccinate themselves and their children, this dystopia could very well become a reality. The only way to protect the world’s population is by vaccinating everyone. Vaccines were developed to protect humans across the globe from potentially deadly diseases, and it is not safe for parents to opt out of vaccinating their children. By understanding the history and safety …show more content…
At one laboratory in Berkley, California, two hundred children caught polio from the vaccine. This occurred in 1955, right as the vaccine was being deplored nationwide. They immediately withdrew all polio vaccines to investigate and ensure their safety. The vaccines were put through several safety tests to ensure efficiency and quality. Programs were even put into place, along with regulations set, to guarantee the safest administration possible. Dr. Francis, a doctor reporting to President Eisenhower, even reported, “a child who was vaccinated had a three times better chance of avoiding polio than the child who was not vaccinated,” so one would think parents would take the chance if it meant preventing this horrible disease from infecting their child. Even with doctor’s reassurances and safety procedures, though, many parents still expressed concerns, as do parents today. In 1986, the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act was passed and illustrated these concerns

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