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  • Vaccine Vaccines

    Today parents have become more concerned about the rise of chronic disease like asthma, autism, and food allergies, than acute diseases like polio and small pox. We should not continue to require and promote vaccines for diseases like polio that have not been around for many years. Another example is measles, this used to be a common childhood infections just like the chicken pox is today. Back when my mom was a kid, she was taken to the neighbor 's so she could get the measles as a young child. Then, after contracting the infection, her body would be immune for the rest of her life. Today, there are rarely any cases of measles, but it continues to be a required vaccination as if it was a dreaded disease. "No child has died from measles between…

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  • Vaccines Vaccines

    Vaccines: Why Society Needs Them Diseases such as the measles, polio, mumps, rubella, chickenpox, and whooping cough can all be prevented by getting a vaccine. This list of diseases above are only a couple of the illnesses that can be vaccinated against. The medical field has come a long way with keeping society healthy. The first vaccine ever invented was for rabies in 1885, since then the medical field has came up with different vaccines for almost every disease out there. Vaccines took a hit…

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  • Vaccines And Vaccines

    The history of immunizations and vaccines in Europe and the Americas began with Edward Jenner, a British doctor who lived in Gloucestershire, England. Jenner performed the world’s first vaccination in 1796, created to protect the world against smallpox. By inoculating people with substances from a cowpox lesion, he was able to create immunity to smallpox all over the world. Vaccines and antitoxins against anthrax, diphtheria, plague, tuberculosis, and more were developed over the 1930s. Over…

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  • Vaccines

    Vaccines help to eradicate deadly diseases. Today children are vaccinated from many diseases starting at birth but some parents decide not to vaccinate their children, diseases are coming back into our society that have not been reported since the 1950’s. Anti-vaccinators have argued that it is a parent’s right whether they vaccinate or not. Many nearly eradicated diseases are making a comeback with anti-vaccine activists pushing uninformed parents to question doctors and no longer vaccinate…

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  • Disadvantages Of Vaccines

    Vaccines are used to prevent dangerous diseases that can be not only harmful but also deadly. Vaccines have nearly eliminated disease & help prevent outbreaks. “A vaccine is a product that produces immunity from a disease and can be given by mouth, aerosol or needle injection. A vaccination is the injection of a killed or weakened organism that produces immunity in the body against that organism. An immunization is the process of when a person becomes protected from a disease.” (basics, n.d.)…

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  • The History Of Vaccines

    field of vaccinations, and even developed many vaccines for viruses such as smallpox,…

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  • Vaccine Debate

    The debate on vaccines has caused distrust between parents and medical officials; now parents are not getting their children vaccinated, the government is stepping and the children are the ones stuck in the middle of this fight. In this paper, we will examine why this debate persists despite the fact that science has proven. What has parents so against vaccines, what is the government doing, and how is this effecting children. All three of these topic areas will help me show what this debate is…

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  • Vaccines History

    The first immunization was possibly invented in ancient times but was first recorded in the late 1800s. A little less than two hundred years later, vaccines were standardized when it came to administering it to children and infants. These vaccines offer many benefits to the child and their parent. However, not every parent wishes to have their children vaccinated out of fear that it will do more harm than good. Overall, Vaccines have had an interesting history. Since their invention, they have…

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  • Prevention Of Vaccines

    Vaccines are an easy way to prevent diseases. Vaccinations have gotten rid of many diseases including measles, diphtheria, rubella, and polio. They have also significantly reduced the rate of many other diseases such as chicken pox and pertussis in the United States. The Center Disease Prevention and Control (CDC) has a list of every preventable disease everybody living in the United States should take to ensure their health and safety. Everybody in the United States should be vaccinated against…

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  • History Of Vaccines

    Its main bulwark against disease is the vaccine. Heralded by some, and cursed by others, the history of vaccines is rich. Starting with Edward Jenner and his pioneering achievement of the smallpox immunization, many lives have been spared from disease due to the vaccine. Since Jenner’s achievement, other vaccines have been introduced, and the incidence rate for several diseases has diminished. Vaccines arguably remain the greatest medical success in history. Vaccines, also referred to…

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