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  • Career Goals For Computer Science

    I am a student at Valencia Community College, completing an associate degree in computer science and planning of transferring to University of Central Florida. Since my earliest childhood, I have always been interested in computers. My first program was “Adding two numbers” using code, which make me curious to know computers in deep learning. My creative and enthusiastic methods of solving the problem lead me to select a career like computer scientist. I am always doing that which I cannot do, in order that I may learn how to do it. I believe Education is an important tool that is applied in the contemporary world to succeed, as it mitigates the challenges, which are faced in life. My educational goal is to get higher education, and learn…

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  • The Song Of The Cid Analysis

    story suggests that they will never be paid. El Cid represents the Christian warrior who conquers everyone, and why should he have to pay Jewish moneychangers that no longer had a place in heaven. Also, although the text says that "a betrayal this untainted hero could never make: in all his life he had never gone back on his word", but he did not directly speak with Raguel and Vidas. This allows devise allows El Cid to keep his word and provides little sympathy for Jews in the text. Although…

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  • Free State College Education

    The costs of college education have risen significantly over the past 50 years and continue to climb at a rate that stands as a looming threat to the future of college education. The most recent presidential election brought about a new round of discussion over the possibility of free state college tuition. President Barack Obama first mentioned the idea in 2015 and conflicting opinions have arisen surrounding the subject ever since. Many people think that free state college education would…

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  • Essay On Respiratory Therapy

    some other form of “other legal credentialing law governing the profession of respiratory care” (Weilacher). A Respiratory therapist by definition “treats people with health care issues affecting the cardiopulmonary system such as asthma, emphysema, pneumonia, cardiovascular disorders, and trauma”. A Respiratory therapist can work in a variety of settings such as the emergency room, intensive care units, and in rehabilitation centers. In order to become a Respiratory therapist in any of these…

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  • Essay About Working To The Future

    very important to anyone with the need for money. College students are among many that are in dire need of money. College students encounter an extreme amount of tuition and fees during their college journey. A majority of college students are bombarded with the burden to work in order to pay for college. A job is vital towards maintaining a steady lifestyle, while attending school. Some college students have not vexed the idea of getting a job, because their education is being paid for by a…

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  • Career Counselor Personal Statement

    Personal Statement My challenges as an undergrad was the catalyst that lead me to decide that my future career endeavors involve helping college students succeed. All students need and deserve a solid educational foundation. Higher educational counselors are the dependable support system students have in community colleges and universities. Financial Aid advisors, Academic Advisors, and Career Development Counselors and more are important in universities and community colleges. Students should…

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  • Deferred Action For Childhood Arrivals Program Analysis

    A group of students known as the Dream Act 5 practiced civil disobedience by staging a sit in inside senator McCain’s office in Tucson, Arizona in May 7, 2010. Three of the students remind me of Thoreau when he got arrested for defying the government laws for not paying his poll tax, but instead these students were switching to civil disobedience to support other students brought to the United States illegally. Henry Thoreau thought that people should live under what they believed in and not…

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  • The Poor Essay: The Oppression Of The Poor

    Oppression of the poor Imagine being stereotyped as somebody who commits crimes, does drugs, and produces no good into society. This is what the American people think of the poor just because of the limited resources they have. People define the poor as lacking money to sustain an average standard of living. Americans feel like they can blame all of the problems on the poor because they see them as inferior. American people oppress the poor because they see them as unsophisticated,…

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  • Why I Deserve A Scholarship Essay

    Why am I attending Oakton Community College ? Why do I want a degree? Society would tell you that it increases your chances of obtaining a job, a greater shot at becoming a successful person and It will reduce your level of stress. This is because a need for an education is everything, its something that ' is valued and praised . I wouldn 't object to this from a parent’s point of view, But my perspective is closely related But in some ways it differs. This country has given birth to some of the…

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  • The Importance Of Education At Saint Benedict School

    Board Overview (2 Interviews) The Board of Directors is made up of individuals who believe in the value of an education at Saint Benedict School and wish to see the school reach its maximum potential. “If you want the best for your kids – this is it.” Members agreed that the school’s strengths include: • Strong student participation in the community “The kids are happy, educated, and well rounded. They participate in the faith community and in the larger community.” • A caring, community…

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