Vagus nerve stimulation

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  • Neuronetics Case Study

    Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) therapy, where magnetic fields are used for therapeutic applications in disorders related to central nervous system. In 2003, they licensed a revolutionary patented coil design from Emory University and conducted the largest clinical trials on TMS therapy to date. With continuous research and development, a high quality, efficient, user friendly and cost effective unit-NeuroStar TMS therapy system has been developed, for treating Major Depressive Disorder. TMS Therapy is a non-invasive, non-systemic computerized medical device that treats depression using a highly focused, pulsed magnetic field…

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  • Bioelectronic Medicine Essay

    The healthcare industry’s perennial reliance on pharmaceuticals, from giants like Roche or Pfizer, while bolstering the quality of life for well-developed nations, often overshadows upcoming advances or developments in therapeutic treatment. A rather niche approach, bioelectronic medicine, is particularly attractive to the field of biomedical engineering, relying less on biochemistry than an integration of device and neurology. Georgina Casey, nursing lecturer at Auckland University of…

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  • Electro Diagnostic Testing Essay

    Nerves and muscles in the body send electrical signals throughout the body- sending and receiving messages to the brain. Electro diagnostic testing helps the doctor to get a better understanding of how those electrical signals are functioning in the body. There are two types of electro diagnostic testing; Electromyography, more commonly known as an EMG, and Nerve Conduction Studies, or NCS. An EMG allows the doctor to monitor and understand the electrical action that takes place within the body.…

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  • Organ System And Nervous System

    separate functions and organs and also have their own fair share of problems. The muscular system composes of the tissues and organs that are used to exert a force, whether under voluntary or involuntary control. Muscles are composed of long, slender cells called fibers, and these fibers come in bundles with very few or countless amounts per bundle. Muscles move by either contracting or extending, which is directed by nerve impulses sent from the central nervous system. There are three main…

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  • Sciatic Nerve Experiment

    differences and the relationships of the isolated sciatic nerve in regards to the compound action potential and the neuromuscular junction stimulations of the Rana pipens gastrocnemius. A total of five exercises were used to identify the effects on the stimulation of the sciatic nerve and the gastrocnemius. A dissection for both labs were performed to isolate the nerve and to isolate the gastrocnemius. Both experiments used LabChart to perform various stimulations on the sciatic nerve and the…

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  • Class Observation Essay

    know that as we age our age of motion will decrease, but it can be up to 30% as we reach our senior years. Over the year’s muscle will begin to shorten thus losing their elasticity. For seniors maintain a quality of life stretching needs to be a part of their life. Stretching can increase their joint range of motions, making daily tasks a bit easier to complete. There is no set time of schedule of when stretches should be done, but seniors should aim for 3 days a week, performing each stretch…

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  • Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis

    A nerve cell is also called a motor neuron, which is made from a cell body, an axon and axon terminals. The cell body contains a nucleus and dendrites that receive the signals and send it down the axon that is covered in myelin sheath. The axon terminals are connected to the muscles creating a neuromuscular junction. This is where the signal is relayed to the muscle. There are two groups of motor neurons: upper and lower. Upper motor neurons are those found in the brain and lower motor neurons…

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  • Smoking Makes People Smoke Research Paper

    The principal effect that make people continue smoking is that the drug excites neural activity and speed body functions. In other words, it makes the body feel good every time he/she smokes because the drug (cigarettes) helps keep motivated the body and feel energetic throughout the year. That is why it is really difficult a person stops smoking. Although, at the same time the drug is killing nerve cells in the brain because it has strong toxins that it can damage the nerve cells and kill them.…

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  • The Sarin Gas Attack And The Iran And Iraq War

    machines? Chemical weapons are defined to be a chemical containing toxins which are then put into what is referred to as the “delivery system” (The way in which the chemical will be released). These delivery systems can range anywhere from a bomb to gases, a liquid, or even a vapor. They can then lead damage to the body by reacting as a choking agent, nerve agents, or blood agents. Choking agents must be inhaled for them to take effect, they then enter the respiratory system and begin to…

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  • The Importance Of Chemical Warfare

    chance of dying Firstly based off they are still trying to get a foothold on the war they waged on chemical weapons. Until wasn’t until recently that they got the Syrian government to destroy their cache of chemical weapons ( They just got them to destroy their chemical weapons after several years so it’s a real possibility that other countries have chemical weapons. They also used chemical weapons…

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