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  • David Faraday: The Horror In California

    The horror in California began on Friday, December 20, 1968 in the city of Vallejo when sixteen-year-old Betty Lou Jensen and seventeen-year-old David Faraday were killed while out on a date. According to Haugen (2011), they had driven to a remote lover’s lane on Lake Herman Road. While they were parked, a vehicle stopped nearby and the driver got out, shot out the rear passenger window of David Faraday’s station wagon, and then shot the left rear tire. The man proceeded to shoot Faraday behind the left ear, while Betty Lou Jensen was running for the road. Unfortunately, she was unable to escape and was shot in the back five times by the assailant before he fled the scene. It was July 4, 1969 when Darlene Ferrin and Michael Mageau pulled…

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  • Summary Of Dialectics By Vallejo

    In regards to aspects of life, it is mention in Vallejo’s poem often. However, other individuals had question the reasoning for life. Many had question the aspects of life, and the difficulties of life. They question why is life this way, why is life not peaceful, why is life filled with hatred, why does life have more negativity than positivity, etc. In fact, Vallejo was disturbed by questions concerning the reason for life. One of the things that distressed him was the specter of the grave…

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  • Incorporatio Barrios To Burbs Summary

    people. How so? Compared to other races, Mexican Americans have been the least educated in the United States. An exuberant 47.3 percent of Mexican Americans compared to the 23 percent of African Americans, 15.2 percent of Asians, and 13.7 percent of Caucasians did not graduate high school in 2008. The statistics are overwhelming. The alarming distinction has caused scholars and policy makers to doubt if Mexican Americans will ever be able to achieve social mobility and incorporate themselves…

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  • Opioids Research Paper

    Definition It is important to distinguish between opium, opiate and opioid. According to Vallejo et al. (2011, page E343), opium is a natural extract from the opium poppy, whereas opiates and opioids are its derivatives. Natural alkaloids derived of opium are generally called opiates, whereas opioids (opium-like) can be either natural or synthetic. The most common known opioids are morphine, codeine, fentanyl, hydrocodone, oxycodone, etc. (Vallejo et al., 2011, page E348 - E355) 2.…

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  • Sociological Imagination Definition

    imagination? The understanding I have acquired from C. Wright Mills is, “the vivid awareness of the relationship between personal experience and the wider society.” My personal experiences are deeply related to the wider society just in where, how, and by whom I was raised. Being born and raised in California many do not know the first capital; Vallejo. Vallejo, “The City of Opportunity” the slogan that can be read on all city limits signage. There was once a time that those words carried…

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  • Zodiac Killer Case Study Answers

    Zodiac Killer Case Study The Zodiac Killer was a serial murderer from northern California who killed at least five and as many as 37 people spanning between december of 1968 and october of 69. Of the confirmed kills, the murders occurred in San Francisco, Benicia, Vallejo, and Lake Berryessa. The zodiac killer received the name because they were known for their cryptograms, in which they left clues, puzzles, and taunted the officers who were constantly on his trail. Of the four cryptograms that…

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  • The Symbolism Of The Zodiac Killer

    were sent to her Father, police, and newspapers. These letters stated that “Bates had to die. There will be more” (Newton Pg 302). The second attack happen on December 20, 1968. Seventeen year old Dave Faraday along with his Sixteen year old girlfriend, Betty Lou Jensen, were Both shot to death. The incident occured near Lake Herman Road in a remote location on the outskirts of Vallejo, California ( Near the same remote location on July 5, 1969, twenty-two year old Darlene Ferrin…

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  • The Tiny House Movement In The United States

    $(70-140). Whereas, for 40-footer, the per sq. ft. cost becomes $(87.5-112.5). 7. There are a variety of house boats in the form of tiny houses. a. Such as, the tiny floating houses designed by the Harbor Cottage Houseboats. It is a 400sq. ft. floating house, which includes, 2 porches, 2 bedrooms & a sleeping place of six. The initial cost of this type of house on shore(water) is about $99,000. b. Whereas, another example of these types of tiny water houses is the built up by Rob Reiheld.…

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  • What Is The Effect Of Salt Concentration On Seed Germination

    Impact of Salt on Seed Germination Introduction Germination is a key event in a plant’s lifetime and controlled by two main factors which are water and salt stress (Yuan et al., 2016 and Vallejo et al., 2010). Salt stress affects plant growth and crop production by causing osmotic and ionic stress in plants. Alonso-Blanco et al in 2009 reported that less study was made on the traits in Arabidopsis thaliana despite the immense genetic variation present in the species and the importance of seed…

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  • Walmart Argumentative Essay

    It stimulates the economy by providing additional jobs both directly and indirectly and increases sales taxes. According to a study Study Confirms that Walmart Supercenters Have Positive Economic Impact in California conducted by Walmart, it proves the positive stimulus Walmart has had in a rural city. The study compare cities in California that had a population just over 100,000 or below that had a Walmart to those that did not. The cities that did, such as Modesto, experience a growth of 48%…

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