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  • Valley Forge: A Turning Point In The Revolutionary War

    Welcome to Valley Forge, Pennsylvania. It is the winter of 1777. The Continental Army has set up shop in the small village, ready to brace through the harsh winter before fighting the British Army next spring. Up until then, the Patriots have gained little confidence through the way of militaristic gains, losing the cities of Boston, New York City, and most recently Philadelphia to the Redcoats. Because of these hardships on the battlefield, the Continental Army had trouble keeping its soldiers enlisted. Contracts only ran for one year, and many decided to refrain from renewing their contracts, especially this frigid year. With hindsight in play, it is perfectly wonderful to understand the decision to stay in the army given the knowledge that the Colonists would soon reach a turning point in the war and win independence against Great Britain. However, such bias cannot be taken into account in this situation. At that time, very few colonists had confidence in the Revolution, and the conditions at Valley Forge only made matters worse. Independence seemed nearly impossible at that moment in time.…

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  • Valley Forge: Would I Have Reenlisted In The Continental Army?

    Terrible living conditions, few necessities and surviving in freezing weather with little assistance. Sounds like how the United States government treats some homeless citizens. However these are the hardships the Colonial soldiers at Valley Forge had to endure with little chance of a successful outcome. After failed attempts by the Continental Army during the American Revolution in New York and Boston, the soldiers lead by Washington decided to establish a winter camp at Valley Forge. Unaware…

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  • Why I Want To Re-Enlist Dbq Essay

    In the winter of 1777 to 1778, Commander George Washington brought his troops to set up camps at Valley Forge, Pennsylvania 18 miles northwest of General William Howe and his British troops. Should I re-enlist or not re-enlist? I have decided to not re-enlist because I would be starving, I would be cold, and I could die of sickness. On December 19 of 1777, a week before Christmas, the first job of the men was to build log “huts” for the men to sleep which only held twelve soldiers. Would you…

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  • DBQ: The Revolutionary Revolution

    living through the winter. That is a huge percentage. Why were men so scared to get sick? If they went home they still had the potential threat of getting sick and affecting the whole family. Men were needed at that time. Soldiers were deserting. Enlistments expired. Nine-month men’s nine months were up and they were going home. Why leave if there is a small chance of you getting ill and dying. Yes there are other threats, but illness was one of the largest cause of death back then. George…

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  • Revolution Movie Analysis

    bottom of his feet. They leave him outside all night, until Tom finds Ned and cuts the rope from his hands and feet. Tom carries Ned out of the camp, and another boy, Merle, escapes with them. Throughout their escape, the boys encountered two groups of natives. Tom stabs the first group of natives (Iroquois) with a small knife. Shortly after another group of natives arrive and Tom makes peace with them. The Huron tribe takes the group of boys to their camp and they help Ned’s feet heal, which…

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  • Valley Forge Essay

    in Pennsylvania made history. In the midst of the Revolutionary War, this village, called Valley Forge, was the temporary home of over 10,000 American soldiers under the control of General George Washington. That particular winter was long and bitterly cold, enough so that Valley Forge made its mark in American history as being the lowest point in the war for independence. The village of Valley Forge is located in the Schuylkill Township in Chester County, Pennsylvania. The geography of Valley…

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  • Valley Forge Dbq Analysis

    Valley Forge: Would You Quit? Fights turn into battles, and battles turn into wars. This is exactly why I am here at Valley Forge during the American Revolution of 1777 and 1778 (Roden 141). My enlistment is almost up and I need to make a decision to a question that might determine whether I live or die: should I stay at Valley Forge, or leave. Everyone is trying to tell me to leave before I die, but I have already made up my mind.I have decided to stay and fight for my soon-to-be country…

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  • Valley Forge Research Paper

    How far would you go for your country. Would you give your life for a outcome you’re not even sure about. That's what the brave soldiers at valley forge did. In this essay i will explain to you my reasoning on why i would have quit at the battle of valley forge and why you should have quit too. There are three main reasons why you should quit the war. Lots of people died in the war who's to say you won't be one of them. Terrible living conditions. Not only those two reasons but you have a low…

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  • Reasons To Quit Valley Forge

    In December 1777 on the week before Christmas. A decent army, 18 miles out of Philadelphia, is suffering by freezing to death with the lack of warm clothing and ill from smallpox. The soldiers have frostbite and get their legs amputated (Jane Root). Some soldiers are deciding on quitting and leaving this camp called Valley Forge. Soldiers ask me, “ are you going to quit and leave Valley Forge?” and I respond, “I would never quit.” Why would I quit when this dying army obviously needs my help?…

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  • Argumentative Essay: Valley Forge

    Anything worthwhile takes sacrifice. Lives are in jeopardy as the winter gets even more harsh on us, the soldiers of the American Continental Army. Valley Forge is a very cold, scary, place during this winter of 1776, not including the shortage of supplies. Smallpox is becoming a mass sickness at the camp and even the doctor is sick. We are all very weak and barely have enough food each day, if any. We haven’t had any meat in a long time, which means no protein. I have been in the field for nine…

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